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Focal On Wall 301, On Wall 302 Double as Stereo, Home Theater Speakers

The Focal On Wall 300 line, with price points of $1,980/pair and and $2,980/pair, comes with mounting accessories, and optional stands.

Jason Knott · September 03, 2021

Focal 1000 Series

Focal Provides Additional Support for Architectural 1000 Series

Focal is rolling out a network of dedicated 1000 Series retailers.  These retailers will be trained and granted access to The CEDIA Designer tool. Through a partnership with CEDIA and by training these specialist teams through various solutions, the French brand is helping to ensure that service is more at the heart of the Focal […]

Robert Archer · May 17, 2021

Focal Celestee headphones

Celestee Headphones

The high-performance audio company Focal is building off of the successful launch of its Stella headphones back in 2019 with the introduction of its Celestee headphones. Focal says that after working with the firm Designer & Product Colorist, it has chosen the color blue as the main aesthetic point of the headphones. The headphones also […]

Robert Archer · February 01, 2021

Focal 1000 Series

Focal Commits to Custom with 1000 Series of Speakers

Focal, a French audio company, is making a major commitment to the custom installation market with the introduction of its 1000 Series of speakers.

Robert Archer · January 21, 2021

Dirac Live Bass Control

Dirac Live Bass Control Now Offered for AVRs

The latest audio system design aid is the second feature offered from the Dirac Live Room Correction calibration tool.

CE Pro Editors · April 24, 2020

Barco Lab Converts into Fun Interactive Experience for Kids

Barco’s Daniel Nilsson transforms his R&D projector lab during COVID-19 crisis into lazy river, rollercoaster and flying wingsuit ‘rides’ for his kids.

Jason Knott · April 17, 2020

Focal, Naim Parent Company Acquires Audio Plus Services & Plurison

Vervent Audio Group, the parent company of Focal and Naim, is looking to expand into the North American market by acquiring Audio Plus Services & Plurison and creating two new subsidiaries: Focal Naim America and Focal Naim Canada.

CE Pro Editors · February 14, 2019