2021 Resimercial Deep Dive Report

Our recent Resimercial Deep Dive report shows that integrators expect a 9% increase in revenue from commercial projects over the next five years.

While 2020 was rough for integrators to be focused on growing their pure commercial business, the Work From Home/Learn From Home trend was a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak year.

The results of our 2021 Resimercial Deep Dive report show that integrators installed a median of six home office projects last year at a median price point of $8,106 each.

Taking a closer look at resimercial projects in 2020 as well as plans for this year, this report provides insight info:

  • Average number of home office installations and prices
  • Types of equipment installed
  • Volume and pricing of commercial projects
  • Trends by commercial vertical segments

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