“Onward (2020):
My family and I are suckers for anything Disney and Pixar, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Pixar’s latest release, “Onward” in my list. We all wanted to watch “Onward,” but my youngest daughter went out of her way to make it a special night for the whole family. Hours before, she issued each family member a printed boarding pass. Later, after she’d cooked dinner and desserts, she (dressed in an old pantsuit outfit and in full character) required us to present ourselves and our boarding passes at the bottom of the stairs before we were admitted into the “plane” (theater), which had assigned seat numbers that corresponded to each of our favorite seats. She then (still in full character) proceeded to serve us drinks, dinner and desserts as we all watched the movie on the “plane.” It was a really neat experience we will always remember. Pixar is always on point with its animation, and with “Onward’s” soundtrack completely enhancing the experience the movie through its enchanting story of adventure there is an excellent message.

Video courtesy of the Pixar YouTube channel.

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