Panamax Adds Power Management, Filtration Systems

MFP-400 restores power supply to equipment after an over or under voltage.

Panamax Adds Power Management, Filtration Systems
Panamax MFP-400 (top) and M5400
Steve Crowe · September 11, 2008

Panamax has unveiled its M5400 power management and MFP-400 filtration systems.

The M5400 is designed to improve audio and video quality of home theater components.

It features Level 4+ power cleaning and Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT). It also offers five isolated outlet banks, including two high-current outlets

Other features:

  • Sequential startup/shutdown to prevent internally-generated voltage transients
  • A 12-volt trigger input
  • Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM), a patented technology that monitors the incoming power
  • A USB charger and gaming AC outlet on the front

There’s a LAN port on the front panel for added protection for portable devices.


MFP-400 Filtration System

The MFP-400 offers power cleaning and filtration for flat-panel HDTVs. Panamax says its eliminates “common symptoms of AC line noise.”

It also includes AVM technology and restores the power supply to connected equipment after an over or under voltage.

Panamax’s Protect or Disconnect circuitry removes the AC power from connected equipment in the event of a surge.

The MFP-400 has a slim design and can be mounted behind flat panels.


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