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The Stargate Home Theater by Visual Concepts

Sci-fi addict enjoys intergalactic experience with Stargate screen 10 feet in diameter.


This screen in the Stargate Home Theater is 10 feet in diameter and is modeled after the popular Stargate Atlantis TV series and movie.

Home theater designers Phil Chaney and Andrew Caldwell teamed up for this Stargate Home Theater that's ready for intergalactic travel.

The homeowner, a huge fan of the Stargate Atlantis TV series and movie, went to Chaney, president of the Louisville division of Visual Concepts, with the idea of recreating the Stargate Atlantis for his theater.

The theater features the iconic round "Stargate" as the frame for the screen that is 10 feet in diameter. There's also dual projectors, with one projecting a round water-filled scene.

"The Stargate took about three weeks to design, and Andrew had it assembled in only three days" says Chaney.

The ceiling has beams that lead to the fiber-optic StarDome from Numinus (six feet in diameter), a ready-to-install ceiling dome with a sky mural and twinkling stars. The StarDome cove light even dims to create a sunset effect.

Other features include: THX Series in-wall Atlantic Technology Audio speakers, two Sony CX777ES 400 disc players, a Blu-ray player and a complete Control4 control system.

"The Control4 automation system controls everything including the lighting effects for the theater which are highlighted by the StarDome cove lights, and the star scape effect created with the fiber-optics we like to set the cove at about 25 percent for a pink-orange sunset glow," says Chaney.

One of the coolest features: air-piston driven pocket doors that open by a hand-swipe motion sensor.

Shane McConnell of The Sound Answer created the acoustic sound panels by replicating the wall panels used on the Atlantis TV series.

"The shooting star catches everyone's attention," Chaney says.

Click here to view the Stargate Home Theater.

Information for this article was provided by Numinus.

Update: We incorrectly reported that Andrew Caldwell is the owner of the theater. The story has been updated -- we apologize for any confusion.

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17 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by Joseph Mallozzi  on  06/16  at  10:24 PM

Love it!

Joseph Mallozzi
Executive Producer
Stargate Atlantis

Posted by Chevron7  on  06/17  at  04:37 AM

Yeah I’m with Joe on this. That is the coolest home theatre I’ve seen since “The Death Star Home Theatre” ( and that was designed by Doug Chiang, the lead designer on Episodes I and II.

Great job.

Cheers, Chev

Posted by Jon  on  06/17  at  10:18 AM

Looks very cool, but at what cost?  That screen frame is 10’ in diameter but about 3-4’ of that is wasted in the frame (albeit a very cool frame).  That only leaves about a 6.5’ wide screen when he could have a much larger one.  Seems like a waste of space to me, but to each his own.  Very nice looking HT though.

Posted by Kipnis Studios  on  06/17  at  12:08 PM

Great, great Work!

I would love to see more.

Cheers -


The Kipnis Studios

Posted by Sulien  on  06/17  at  11:11 PM

That is wicked, wicked cool!  I want one if I ever hit the lottery.

Posted by Annie from Fremantle  on  06/18  at  02:10 AM

I knew you’d comment Joe lol

It’s brilliant!!!

Posted by Robin  on  06/18  at  09:09 AM

That’s really cool.

(However, because I’m nit-picky like that, I have to point out that, although the symbols on the Stargate light up like the Atlantis gate, they are the glyphs from the Milky Way gates in SG-1.  And Atlantis hasn’t had a movie… yet.)

Posted by Ravyn  on  06/18  at  05:14 PM

Re: Robin’s post
True but I wanted the gate to be a combination of the earth gate and the atlantis gate.
I think it works well

Posted by Kat  on  06/18  at  05:37 PM

Cool. But that’s not the Atlantis stargate…like the article said it was modeled after. The Atlantis ‘gate has blue chevrons and very different symbols. The one here is the SG-1 gate. Otherwise it’s pretty neat. Would be cool to watch either Stargate show on it.

Posted by Ravyn  on  06/18  at  05:45 PM

RE: Kat’s comment

Late delivery on the blue bulbs

Posted by Robin  on  06/18  at  10:19 PM

“True but I wanted the gate to be a combination of the earth gate and the atlantis gate.
I think it works well “

Oh, it does.  Looks great.

I was nit-picking the article, not your theater.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when writers don’t verify their facts.  If they don’t know the subject well (hey, nobody knows everything), they should have someone who does proofread their work.

Posted by Rich Hunter  on  06/18  at  10:34 PM

I am a huge Stargate fan and I love it.  I am also a home theatre enthusiast, so this was right up my alley.  This is a dream design for my theatre!!

Posted by Andrew Caldwell  on  06/19  at  04:24 PM

The Viewable screen is 92” in width and 52” height or 105” on its diagonal. The circle around is left for the liquid. I know very little about Stargate even though the article indicated that I do - I worked very close with a number of people in making this project complete.  Togeather with Visual Concepts, The Sound Answer and the owner of the home, we were able to make this what it is.  Thanks for your comments -

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Andrew Pells  on  06/20  at  08:22 AM

Great Theater,  I do have 1 question as to how the acoustics of the room are affected by the ceiling dome?

Posted by Nick Klangos  on  06/22  at  04:22 PM

Looks great, wish there were better pictures and description of the room. I have been working on my SG-1 Cinema for over a year now, the basic room is finished and am now adding more of the art and detail etc. I have had drawings for a similar Star Gate screen frame that I have been planning to do for about 3 years now, my problem is I am doing all the construction myself and I am not rich and have to piece meal and invent everything I do. What is this gate made of and can it be done unlighted? What would it cost for the basic framing with the symbols on it? Love to get some info from the builder.

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