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75-Year-Old Woman Takes Hammer to Comcast Office

After not showing up for appointments, 75-year-old rampages through local Comcast office.


Photo Credit:  By Richard A. Lipski—The Washington Post

If only we could actually do the things we sometimes think about doing.

Mona Shaw, a 75-year-old Bristow, Va. woman, did.

Shaw recently went on a rampage at her local Comcast office after the service provider missed a scheduled appointment, came without completing the installation, and then cut off her service.

When she went to the local office to complain, she ended up waiting for a manager -- for two hours. And then the manager never came.

After a weekend of "stewing," she went back to the office ... with her hammer.

As the Washington Post reports:

Hammer time: Shaw storms in the company's office. BAM! She whacks the keyboard of the customer service rep. BAM! Down goes the monitor. BAM! She totals the telephone. People scatter, scream, cops show up and what does she do? POW! A parting shot to the phone!

"They cuffed me right then," she says.

Her take on Comcast: "What a bunch of sub-moronic imbeciles."

Wow! We're not going to condone this action, but it is pretty interesting.

Shaw received a three-month suspended sentence for disorderly conduct, a one-year restraining order from the local Comcast office and a $345 fine.

We all know that customer service is important, but did you ever think that a bad experience could lead to this?

Share your worst customer service stories below. We want to hear them!

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14 Comments (displayed in order by date/time)

Posted by KShea  on  10/22  at  10:17 AM

Whoa. How many of us have felt like doing this?!

Posted by AWESOME  on  10/22  at  10:38 AM

This chick rules. More power to her. She should have set a brown bag wth dog poop in it on fire and lobbed it into the custoemr service counter.

Burning poo+Comcast= Poetic Justice


Posted by Ian  on  10/22  at  10:41 AM

Time Warner in New York City is the worst.  They give you a 4 hour installation window on a weekday and then routinely show up late.  I scheduled a Saturday morning appointment 3 weeks in advance (it was the only time they had) and then I got a cryptic message on Friday before they were supposed to show up.  It turns out they showed up a day early and were surprised that I wasn’t home!  When I called customer service I got yelled at by a woman named Laquicia for missing my appointment (which I didn’t miss) and she told me that I would have to wait another 3 weeks if I wanted a Saturday.  I would give my left arm for an unobstructed Southern exposure so I could get dish, but alas I have a sky scraper across the street.

Posted by Comcasthater  on  10/22  at  12:58 PM

I would gladly shell out $345 and spend a little time in cuffs for the chance to do that.

Posted by spillz  on  10/22  at  01:30 PM

The local comcast here has bulletproof glass separating customers from employees.

Maybe it is just me but if you have to guard customer service employees with 2” thick bulletproof glass, and you don’t have any money or expensive items in the office, MAYBE IT IS TIME TO START LOOKING AT IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Go Grandma!!!

Posted by Ricardo Angelico  on  10/22  at  01:59 PM


Posted by klsm54  on  10/22  at  04:56 PM

I love it! I was one of the poor people who got stuck with Comcast after they got their share of Adelphia. Adelphia, while far from perfect, was head and shoulders above Comcast. In my opinion, Comcast is the poster child for poor service, along with an unreliable and inferior product.

Sadly, if I want reliable high speed internet srvice, they are presently my only choice. I am just hoping that somebody….Are you listening Verizon?... soon gives them some real competition.

I would love to do something like this lady did, if I thought it would do some good. Sadly though, I think the problems have trickled…no, rained down from the top. Maybe a whole bunch of people, with really big hammers, paying the corporate headquarters a visit would send a message to the real sub-moronic imbeciles.

Posted by Steve Kaden  on  10/22  at  06:29 PM

I have had nightmarish dealings with Time Warner for my mother’s room in an assited living building. I was told to call a specialist, who told me I would not be able to get the installations - video and phone - scheduled except with him (20+ years experience) because the normal support is so utterly incapable. Video install was not so bad, but NEVER in 6 visits have they actually been able to install the phone service. Half the time they couldn’t even find the building - a big six story one - in clear view.  This is obviously a company out of control or being bled dry by managment - who will run later. Go satellite if you can.

Posted by Kevin Jones  on  10/22  at  06:50 PM

I recently requested my original COMCAST triple play back in September around the 10th.  And I felt like Mona Shaw after having Comcast come to my address not once, twice, not even three times… let go for the BIG six.  Six times they came to my address and came up with every excuse why they couldn’t compelte the isntallation of the cable line.  Excuses ranged from the need for a separate conduit, not enough area cable, to late in the day etc etc.  On the fith time they showed up they show up 20 minutes late and said that theren’t wasn’t enough time and I had a supervisor from the technician side and the sales side and they both promised to have someone out the next morning no later than 9 am and on the 6th time they didn’t show up at all.  I asked why would someone want comcast other that high speed internet ?  Customer service really doesn’t exist especially after they got your money.


Posted by BigTex71  on  10/24  at  12:01 AM

That is poor customer service, but it is more idiotic that she destroyed someone’s property because of it.

And she says “What a bunch of sub-moronic imbeciles.”  Uh, pot… meet kettle.

Posted by Kyle  on  10/26  at  08:38 AM

This is why all customer support is moving to India—so we can’t find them with our hammers…

Posted by asdfasdf  on  10/30  at  02:15 PM

right on granny….right on!

Posted by Dennis  on  10/30  at  03:08 PM

Right On Granny! Power to the people. What does it take for Comcast to respond? Honestly, they take our money, raise their prices yet when it come to customer service…Well..Forget it!

Posted by jo  on  01/09  at  01:27 PM

Someone just reminded me of this customer service nightmare…..although it was 3 months ago, I just had a rotten experience with an online company and a return.  Their return policy states that even though the item was shipped “free”, upon return, they will deduct the “outgoing shipping charges” from any credit.  Email said that I would get approximately “$172.29” as a credit pending exact figure - however, after 30 days of them receiving the product, I was finally just told that I would be charged “$90.00” for the outbound shipping which will be deducted from my original $185.00 purchase!!!! CSN Mirrors is running a scam and should be punished too!!! Forget the hammer - I’ll blog this all over the internet so that nobody buys anything from them anymore.  I could have kept the product and sold it on EBay or Craig’s List for more than they are giving me back!!! Somebody needs to punish these thieves!!!  The customer service dept does take a beating and it’s usually not them that deserves the hits - the corporate management needs to pay the price!!! Those that aren’t sitting ducks for the public and are protected by the poor people who get paid piddly for having to deal with irate customers!!! Customer service is a direct product of the upper management and those that reap the benefits - while the little guy gets slammed!!!

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