CE Pro Names 2019 BEST Project Award Winners at CEDIA Expo, slide 10

Award: Best Home Theater Over $100K (Bronze)

Integrator: SOUND SENSE

Comment from integrator: This project was a fantastic opportunity for our team to push the boundaries of our creativity, collective skillset and power to collaborate internally& externally to innovate and design a high-level home cinema set-up taking into account the number of elements we were requested to work with.   This project is one-of-a-kind, with a Dolby Atmos 11.4.6 set-up offering superlative audio-video results on a monster-sized 234” diagonal fixed frame 2.35:1 screen. The Christie DCI Server with its’ Integrated Media Block (IMB) caters to the client’s request to view movies first day-first show. An intuitive user interface was custom-tailored to offer control of the entire set-up from a single point and at the touch of a single button for a variety of scenarios.  A dream project completed to the client’s satisfaction, to our satisfaction as well as to the standards of the industry experts of CEDIA, this project has been nominated for the upcoming 2019 CEDIA Awards category – “Best Home Cinema Level III – EMEA”.   Ensuring that the project was industry compliant and audio-video calibrated to the highest standards to deliver an enthralling, vivid and encompassing experience was a top priority while never over stepping the requirements and restrictions of our clients.

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CE Pro Names 2019 BEST Project Award Winners at CEDIA Expo