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Imaging Science Foundation

FIBBR Announces ISF Certified 4K AOC Cables, Preview of 8K Cable at CEDIA 2017

By CE Pro Editors · September 2, 2017 • Good news for a first-time exhibitor. FIBBR's UltraPro 4K cable has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) ahead of CEDIA 2017.

“Side by Side” Documentary Is Must-See for Electronics Professionals

By Robert Archer · February 13, 2017 • The 2012 documentary "Side by Side" shows how movies are made, start to finish, in both film and digital processes. Joel Silver, president and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, calls it a must-see.

ISF Certified Elite Prime Vision Screen Takes the Edge Off Projection Images

By Robert Archer · December 20, 2016 • Elite Prime Vision's Dark Star eFinity is an ambient light rejecting screen that offers a 180-degree viewing angle and a .9 gain to support its use in a range of room environments.

HDR Explained: Become an Expert in 4K HDR Before Clients Demand It

By Robert Archer · October 10, 2016 • Joel Silver, president and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, on why HDR and wide color gamut technologies will help all types of users.

dnp Supernova XL Screen ISF Certified

By Robert Archer · November 18, 2014 • Danish screen manufacturer dnp has added to its line of products with the announcement of its Supernova XL screen solution.

DVDO Test Pattern Generator Fits in Installers’ Pockets

By Robert Archer · February 18, 2014 • The compact AVLab TPG from DVDO produces 4K test patterns for electronics professionals to properly set up and calibrate 4K displays.

Epson Pro Cinema 6020UB is THX Certified & Includes ISF Calibration Suite

By Robert Archer · March 5, 2013 • The new Epson 6020UB includes the company's Super Resolution technology, as well as its FineFrame technology to ensure the projector produces, bright, vivid and smooth images.

JVC DLA-RS56 projector

By Robert Archer · September 17, 2012 • JVC's new DLA-RS56 projector incorporates the latest version of the company's e-shift technology that upconverts 2K video content all the way up to 4K.

ISF Sets 16 Video Calibration Course Dates

By CE Pro Editors · February 15, 2012 • Imaging Science Foundation announces its slate of 16 video calibration training classes this spring across the U.S.

‘The Art of Flight’ Represents State-of-the-Art Blu-ray

By Robert Archer · January 24, 2012 • Joel Silver, president and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), says this action-packed video features stunning cinematography, reference-quality images and a subwoofer-challenging soundtrack.

JVC Professional Products Reference Series DLA-RS65 projector

By Robert Archer · October 11, 2011 • JVC Professional's newest projector incorporates the company's e-Shift technology that increases an image's resolution all the way up to 3840x2160.

Runco LightStyle Series LS-HB projector

By Robert Archer · January 26, 2011 • The Ore.-based high-performance video company has added a product that it says can provide consumers with performance outside of a dedicated home theater environment.

LG PX950 plasma televisions

By Robert Archer · December 6, 2010 • The popular consumer electronics manufacturer has been a long-time supporter of THX performance standards and its latest plasma TVs provide consumers with a choice of 3D products that are THX certified.