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Séura Ultra Bright Outdoor TVs – Available in a choice of sizes ranging from 42 to 84 inches, the Ultra Bright Outdoor TV line of products from Séura produce brightness levels as high as 700 nits to combat high levels of sunlight. The outdoor televisions’ LuminOptics anti-glare screens also help the TVs to maintain quality images in bright sunlight, and Séura points out that dealers can install the TVs in locations that range from decks, patios and hot tubs, to commercial environments such as bars and restaurants. The Ultra Bright Outdoor TVs are rated to withstand temperature extremes of -30 degrees to 122 degrees, and the products triple-seal construction protects the outdoor TVs from all types of environmental elements, as well as dust and dirt. www.seura.com

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8 Outdoor Video Systems That Deliver Value and Performance