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Friday, October 19, 2012

image When the HDMI format was introduced many years ago it was originally designed for the transmission of digital A/V signals over short distances. Through the years cable and connectivity product manufacturers have worked diligently to increase the capabilities of the HDMI format as the protocol has changed and matured.

The New York-based manufacturer Key Digital has been at the forefront of HDMI product technology development through its vast line of matrix switchers, cables, video processors and other solutions. Recently the company added to its selection of signal transmission solutions when it announced its KD-CATHD500 balun that it says is designed to transmit the latest audio and video signals hundreds of feet. The KD-CATHD500 is a copyright friendly, HDCP compliant device that works with 3D video content, as well as 4K video and commercial video resolutions such as 1900x1200. Bolstering the unit's safe and reliable operation is its ability to store 10 internal EDID configurations, including the native EDID information of any input and output product. Highlighting the product's signal transmission capabilities is the KD-CATHD500's ability to send and receive 1080p/60fps video as far as 400 feet, and its ability to transmit and receive 1080i/60fps from as far away as 600 feet.

Key Digital also explains the balun supports the transmission and reception of IR, RS-232 and CEC control signals, and other A/V HDMI protocols such as the 12-bit Deep Color property and the Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio surround sound formats.

Friday, September 21, 2012

image Computer audio is without question one of the hottest categories within the residential audio market. Monitor Audio, a British loudspeaker company well known for its good and affordable line of products is now addressing the computer audio category with the release of its WS100 wireless audio system.

The WS100 system is designed to allow homeowners to play the music that's stored on their computers regardless of whether it's a Mac or PC. The system includes a pair of active, two-way loudspeakers that incorporate on-board amplification and wireless receivers, as well as a USB powered transmitter that distribute the system's wireless audio signals. Monitor says The transmitter works with as many as four pairs of speakers within a 10 meter range to enable authorized Monitor Audio dealers to setup a retrofittable four zone system, and the company also notes that dealers can add another three USB transmitter units to outfit a wireless system with a total of four sources.

Internally the speakers utilize discrete amplifiers for each driver, and the company says that the drivers were developed using technologies and designs from its high-performance traditional speaker products.

Friday, August 03, 2012

image Linn Products is one of the great European manufacturers whose roots trace back to the golden audiophile era with products like its iconic Sondek LP12 turntable. In more recent times the company has been active with new technologies, including music servers and Web-based technologies.

The company's latest product is the Kiko music system, and this product offers homeowners a compact, fully integrated preamplifier and amplifier and a pair of speakers all in one package. The amplifier section is rated to deliver 33-watts RMS and it includes features like Apple AirPlay, analog phono inputs, HDMI, Toslink, S/PDIF and HDMI pass-thru, UPnP compatibility, front-panel Aux and headphone inputs for iPods and other devices, Neutrik Speakon loudspeaker connectors and Linn's proprietary Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply. Linn also says the system is capable of decoding FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless, MP3, lossy WMA, AIFF, AAC and OGG files with sample rates as high as 24-bit/192kHz.

With the Kiko system installers can set up their clients to play music from their PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones; music from their home theaters, including Blu-ray players and game consoles, and the system is available in a choice of six colors: "Back to Black," "Blue Monday," "White Lines," "Champagne Supernova," "Silver Hammer" and "Baby Blue."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

image The Canadian electronics manufacturer Magnum Dynalab isn't always the first to market with a new technology, but it says when it does deliver a product to the market, it's been tested to ensure it will perform to its advertised potential.

Following its past market strategy the company recently announced its 800 Series of Internet Media Tuners that aren't admittedly the first Internet radio tuners on the market, but they are according to the company, engineered with audio performance in mind. The line includes the MD801, the MD806, the MD807 and the MD809, and all of the products include the company's own DAC designs, as well as the ability to access more than 20,000 Internet radio stations; FM terrestrial broadcasts and locally stored FLAC, AAC, MP3 and WMA music files. The products incorporate on-board Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and the tuners can be set up to store radio stations through organization options such as country of origin, genre, most popular and favorites.

The MD801 features a solid-state output; the MD806 features a triode tube output; the MD807 incorporates a triode tube output and Burr Brown DACs, and the top-of-the-line MD809 incorporates a 5.7-inch color touchscreen and the same power supply and circuit design from the Magnum Dynalab flagship MD109 tuner.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

image A lot has happened over the past few years in the custom installation market and one of the biggest trends to develop has been the increasing adoption of digital technologies.

Universal Remote Control's (URC) new DMS-AV Networked Home Theater Amplifier leverages the versatility of digital A/V technologies to engineer an affordable all-in-one solution that enables URC dealers to combine a modern home theater with a modern whole-house audio system. URC says the DMS-AV Networked Home Theater Amplifier sits on a network and when combined with its DMS Series of products it can handle up to 32 streaming audio sources in a whole-house audio system with provisions for analog sources. It's theater options include all of the current state-of-the-art amenities such as Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio, HDMI 1.4a, video upconversion to 1080p/24fps and video processing.

The N.Y.-based company also incorporates an amplifier section that is rated to deliver 125 watts to each channel, and an automatic EQ option that includes a microphone. URC says the DMS-AV Networked Home Theater Amplifier can be controlled via IR, RF or IP, and the unit is set up through the company's Accelerator software.

Friday, July 06, 2012

image HDMI can be one of the trickiest technologies in all of consumer electronics and it can be difficult to deal with in simple installations, as well as complex installations.

HydraConnect says that its latest product, the newly announced HSS-2 HDMI Matrix Processor solves many of the issues installers encounter in the field through its ability to seamlessly integrate into a Control4-based system. HydraConnect says the HSS-2 enables electronics professionals to distribute as many as eight HD sources to as many as eight displays or it can be set up to distribute a total of 16 zones of audio. The 8x8 matrix switcher supports the HDMI 1.4a protocol to enable it to work with HD and 3D video, and the Deep Color specification.

Other features built into the HSS-2 include its A/V remix option that allows homeowners to watch a video source while listening to a separate audio source (a football game and music for example), and with its proprietary FlashConnect technology, the matrix switcher is able to switch from one video source to another at almost instantaneous speeds without experiencing dropouts or delays.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

image These days it's easy to overwhelm someone with technology and ultimately what many discover is that it is best to use technology in moderation.

Russound's latest keypad product, the new SLK Single Line Keypad is a streamlined user interface that is designed for individual zone control of the C-Series MCA-C3 multiroom audio systems. Russound says the keypad is designed for basic control and it includes a modern industrial design, and it is available in a choice of five colors to allow it to match the interior of most homes.

The Newmarket, N.H.-based manufacturer adds that the keypad also features a white backlit LCD display that includes a five-character display that lists current source, volume levels and system status. In addition, the SLK Single Link Keypad also includes a single soft-button that allows for a system turn off of all zones, and the keypad supports the company's "My Russound" application when the app is loaded on supported portable devices.

Monday, June 04, 2012

image There's no question that style and design have impacted the way that consumers evaluate and ultimately purchase loudspeakers.

Architettura Sonora (AS) is a manufacturer of audio products and the company's Sphere 360 is a unique looking loudspeaker that's engineered to look stylish and perform well in a variety of environments in and around the home. The two-way loudspeaker incorporates a driver array that is capable of reproducing a omni-directional soundstage, and the company says the speaker offers homeowners a full and warm sounding tonal balance indoors or outdoors. The 8-ohm sound module has a nominal impedance of 8 0hms and a rated frequency response of 50Hz to 15kHz. Archittettura Sonora adds the speaker is also 88dB sensitive and its nominal power handling is 100 watts (IEC).

Externally, the 68 pound spherical speaker stands 19 inches high by 14 inches wide, and AS offers the speaker in a choice of marble onyx, travertine, galestro, Tuscan terracotta, alternative stone finishes.

Friday, April 13, 2012

image The New York-based company URC has one of the most loyal dealer bases in the entire world of custom installation and the company annually ranks among the best in terms of product reliability, dealer support and overall quality.

With its entry into the whole-house audio category the company is venturing into a new market that's outside of its core control expertise. Through the launch of products like its new SNP-1 Networked Media Player the company is proving it can deliver products that rival its control solutions. The SNP-1 is a device that electronics professionals can use to stream audio from websites such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Sirius XM and other Internet radio sites, and it can be combined with the company's PSX-2 iPod dock, as well as traditional legacy sources to provide clients with a complete and diverse whole-house audio solution.

The SNP-1 joins a growing list of URC whole-house audio components, and like those other components the SNP-1 can be controlled via a choice of URC two-way network devices, including the TRC-780 remote control, the TKP-2000 in-wall touchscreen and the TKP -100 in-wall keypad.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

image With the economy seemingly getting better and summer rapidly approaching now is the perfect time for electronics professionals to present outdoor A/V to their clients.

Terra Loudspeakers is a Maine-based manufacturer of weatherproof loudspeakers and its latest product provides installers with a solution that not only provides dealers with an outdoor speaker product that can be used to cover a yard in sound, but it can also light up that property to provide an added level of safety and aesthetics. The LS.32 combination loudspeaker and LED light stands 32.5 inches tall and it can be ordered in a choice of either black, aluminum or copper to help its appearance match with its surrounding environment.

Terra says that installers can also order the LS.32 with its light configured to illuminate upwards or downwards in order to light up specific outdoor design elements such as a walkway or an architectural element. The LS.32 produces 270 lumens of light, and the speaker portion of the product incorporates a coaxial driver array that includes a 5.25-inch woofer. In addition, the LS.32 also includes provisions for 70-volt commercial applications and traditional consumer 8-ohm applications.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

image The Lexington, Kentucky-based manufacturer Audio Authority is listening to what its dealers have to say. After asking for amplifiers that combined versatility and reliability Audio Authority has responded to its dealers requests by designing its new SonaFlex 16-channel amplifier (SF-16M) that combines features that can be applied to commercial and residential installations with the reliability of its Class D circuit designs all in a single package.

The SF-16M incorporates 16 RCA inputs along with two of its Cat-5 based FlexPorts to provide electronics professionals with a total of 20 mono/10 stereo inputs. The FlexPorts can be configured to accept balanced line/mic XLR, digital coax/optical and analog RCA sources and the amp's outputs can be configured as mono, stereo or a combination of both to service a variety of installation scenarios. Audio Authority says installers can also daisy chain as many as four of the amps for larger installations that require configurations as diverse as 32 inputs/64 outputs. The amp is also rated to deliver 45 watts with all channels driven or 60 watts with eight channels driven. The company adds the amp is also stable down to 2 ohms, and its sound can be customized through the use of bass and treble controls, high- and low-pass filters and seven bands of parametric equalization (EQ).

Other features include a choice of RS-232, IR and IP control, and the ability to set up 10 audio groups that can share volume settings, muting and sources.

Friday, February 24, 2012

image Monitor Audio USA is one of the most frequently used brands in the custom installation market and back in the company's native Britain, the company's engineers are working hard to make sure Monitor Audio remains a go-to brand for installers.

The company's latest product release is its new Trimless Series of loudspeakers and this architectural line of speakers is engineered to provide the highest levels of sound quality without having their aesthetics disrupting the interior design of a modern home. The line of products features three products: the CWT140S, the CWT160S and the CWT180R, and these speakers utilize 4-inch, 6-inch 8-inch versions of Monitor Audio's MMP II woofers, along with its C-CAM gold-dome tweeter. The trimless speakers' tweeters pivot 15 degrees in all directions and the products' paintable grilles are magnetic.

Monitor Audio has also built the speaker to withstand the effects of water and humidity and the line of product employs fire retardant materials that meet UL specifications.

Monday, February 13, 2012

image Since the mid 1970s the North Carolina-based company GTL Labs has quietly been serving the custom installation market with a variety of architectural speaker products.

GTL Sound Labs' latest product is the AE 82 in-ceiling loudspeaker and the company says this new speaker is designed for whole-house audio applications, as well as other hidden audio installations. GTL says the speaker is engineered to provide homeowners with a dynamic bottom end, clean midrange and natural top end to faithfully reproduce lossy and lossless audio files with clarity.

The company states the 8-ohm speaker is capable of providing a frequency response of 36Hz to 20kHz, and that it is 89dB sensitive which means a variety of traditional Class A/B and newer digital amps can effectively drive the speaker. The two-way speaker incorporates an 8-inch carbon-fiber woofer and two-inch titanium silk dome tweeter.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

image A couple of years ago the Riverside, California A/V manufacturer Proficient introduced its first wireless audio solution it called AirFlex. Recently the company released its latest wireless audio system it calls Zero.

Proficient says the new wireless audio system builds upon the capabilities of the AirFlex and the company says the solution is capable of broadcasting audio signals as far as 90 feet to enable electronics professionals to offer existing home clients whole-house audio solutions that can be tailored to their exact requirements.

Some of the new features Proficient has built into the Zero wireless audio system include the ability to expand up to eight receivers per transmitter, and with the transmitter's three broadcast channels installers can dial in a level of performance that is consistent and reliable. The transmitter also incorporates an optical input that can be transmitted simultaneously with the analog inputs. Proficient says that transmitting all of the inputs allows a transmitter to send "left and right" audio for zone two or rear surrounds, as well as audio for a subwoofer in a home theater. The Zero receiver features a 2x35 watt-per channel amplifier and an LED display that shows system status.

Friday, January 20, 2012

image Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is one of the most recognizable and unique manufacturers in the entire world of consumer electronics, and the Danish company is well known for its sleek industrial designs and pursuit of high performance.

The company's new BeoSound 5 digital music system is the company's latest product and it enables homeowners in new construction or existing structures to enjoy the benefits of whole-house audio without the need to pull cables. The BeoSound 5 incorporates B&O's proprietary playlist technologies, as well as a built-in CD ripper that allows homeowners to rip their CD collections into a digital library for easy access and management.

In addition, the BeoSound 5 can be used with one of the company's Encore components to create a whole-house audio system that employs wireless technologies to transmit audio and control signals. The BeoSound 5 can be wall mounted, stand mounted or it can be used as a tabletop unit.

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