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Showcase Spotlight: Seura, Inc.


CEDIA Booth #5935
SÉURA’s vanishing television mirrors offer the latest technology in the most stunning forms. Exclusively engineered components coupled with smart design promises maximum performance, satisfying your need for luxury. SÉURA intelligently merges technology and design by performing like no other television, like no other mirror, like no other solution.

SÉURA’s vanishing LCD television mirrors, non-vanishing television mirrors, lighted mirrors, and lighted television mirrors preserve the integrity of your décor, while providing unmatched performance. SÉURA defines your brand, your style, your space and your image.

SÉURA. Defining Image.

Séura, Inc. Slideshows
imageA roundup of Seura products from mirrored LCD displays to LED lighting. Products displayed include: Enhanced, Deco and Premier Series Television Mirrors; The ONE LCD Technology; Lumination Designs; Color LED Technology and Illuminated TV Mirrors. View this slideshow

Séura, Inc. News and Press
image Seura offers three models of television mirrors for a range of TV sizes, and the ability to have the screen completely disappear when turned off. View this story
Posted by CE Pro Editors on 03/28 at 09:09 AM
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