How Much Do You Know About Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

Test your knowledge of cell phone signal boosters by taking our quiz.


Cell phone signal boosters may be a niche segment of the residential A/V market, but it's also a segment that's starting to see rapid growth. According to the 2018 CE Pro Brand Analysis, companies like SureCall have grown from having six CE Pro 100 dealers two years ago to 15 last year. 

While one quiz won't make you a signal booster master, it will help you find out if you're on the right track in your cell phone booster education, or if you need to hit the books and learn more before offering them to your customers. 

Take the quiz below, and let us know how you did! 

Thanks for taking the quiz! To learn more about cell phone signal boosters (and their growing importance with the impending 5G network), watch this 20-minute CE Pro Webinar.