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Texas Instruments

Wolf Cinema 4K Projector Produces 2,900 ANSI Lumens

By Robert Archer · May 21, 2018 • The Wolf Cinema 4K PRO-817 Projector provides integrators with a step-up $9,995 projector that employs a DLP chipset and a laser-phosphor light engine.

BenQ’s New $1,500 TK800 4K Projector is Made for Sports Lovers

By CE Pro Editors · March 8, 2018 • New HDR-capable UltraHD projector offers "Sports Modes" that preserve skin tone while enhancing green fields or wooden courts; dedicated sound modes enhance color commentary and accentuate referee whistles and sneaker squeaks.

State of 4K UHD Projectors at CEDIA: DP to Launch $20k TI-Powered Unit

By Julie Jacobson · September 6, 2016 • The new 4K UHD home cinema chip from Texas Instruments is almost shipping, and Digital Projection plans to rival Sony, Barco Loki, Sim2, JVC, Epson and others with native 4K UHD projectors at CEDIA 2016. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

No More Sony 4K Home Theater Projector Monopoly: TI 4K UHD Chipset Finally Hits Market

By Jason Knott · January 27, 2016 • Texas Instruments 4K DLP UHD chipset finally debuts to enable companies like DPI, Christie, Barco, SIM2, Panasonic, Optoma and other projector manufacturers to get into the 4K delivery game.

Cross-Industry Collaboration Fuels 4K Momentum at CES 2016

By Robert Archer · January 8, 2016 • The addition and acceptance of HDR technologies are driving the development of UltraHD technologies, and everyone from chipmakers to content providers are working together to best ensure the success of the format at CES 2016.

Digital Projection Details Virtues of HIGHlite Laser Projector

By Robert Archer · March 14, 2014 • The Atlanta-based manufacturer Digital Projection (DP) recently showed its HIGHlite Laser projector to the world during the annual ISE show in Europe. The groundbreaking projector is designed to provide users with a solution that offers many benefits. Recently the company took some time with CE Pro to explain in greater detail.

SIM2’s M.150 LED Projector is Bright Enough for Well-Lit Rooms

By Robert Archer · May 29, 2013 • SIM2's M.150 LED projector produces 1,000 lumens of brightness and it offers a contrast ratio up to 100,000: 1 through the use of the company's DynamicBlack technology.

Runco XtremeProjection Series Targets High-End Systems

By Robert Archer · February 6, 2013 • Runco has introduced three new projectors that are designed to display 2D and 3D content on larger screens.

ViewSonic’s Pro9000 Projector Combines LEDs & Lasers

By Robert Archer · October 25, 2012 • ViewSonic's engineering staff has developed a hybrid light engine that combines LEDs and lasers to form a single light source.

SIM2 NERO 3D projector

By Robert Archer · May 10, 2012 • The newly introduced single-chip DLP projector incorporates active 3D technologies, SIM2's PureMovie and PureMotion processing technologies and the ability to produce up to 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

Digital Projection dVision Scope 1080p projector

By Robert Archer · August 22, 2011 • The Emmy Award winning manufacturer of video hardware has just introduced a new native 2.35:1 projector that offers a resolution of 2560x1080.

Optoma GT750 projector

By Robert Archer · June 20, 2011 • The company's latest projector is small enough to be used as a portable video solution and it is capable of displaying 3D images.

ViewSonic VP3D1 3D converter box

By Robert Archer · May 19, 2011 • The Walnut, Calif.-based electronics company says its new device allows owners of 3D-enabled components to view 3D gaming, broadcast and Blu-ray content on their 3D-ready displays.

Runco LightStyle Series LS-HB projector

By Robert Archer · January 26, 2011 • The Ore.-based high-performance video company has added a product that it says can provide consumers with performance outside of a dedicated home theater environment.

Elan Ships D12 Amp; Announces D16 Amp for 2010

By Steve Crowe · November 19, 2009 • The D12 is a 12-channel amplifier that delivers 115 watts at 4 ohms into each channel.