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Slow News Day

ADT Patent Application: Deciphering Those Darn LED Lights on a Security System

By Julie Jacobson · August 30, 2018 • Not from The Onion: ADT files patent application for 'Determining what the indicators represent on a security device.'

Cheeky Vivint Smart Home Video: How Automation Eliminates ‘Crappy Jobs’

By Julie Jacobson · January 24, 2018 • Just like the elimination of the (hypothetical) human toilet-seat warmer, Vivint smart-home systems can replace the homeowner's "series of crappy jobs you do for free" with a wide range of IoT security and home-automation devices.

Illegal Drugs Delivered by Drones: Don’t Do That

By Security Sales & Integration · December 29, 2017 • A California couple was arrested for allegedly using a drone to deliver illicit goods.

20 Smart Home Technologies Way Ahead of Their Time

By Julie Jacobson · November 30, 2017 • Home Automation and home entertainment products and technologies that coulda shoulda woulda had a longer life span, if only .... Remember Kenwood Sovereign Entre? Frox? Premise Systems? WebTV? Philips Streamium?

Paul Manafort’s $1.3 Million Home Automation System

By Julie Jacobson · November 2, 2017 • Paul Manafort's alleged money laundering has been very good to at least one Florida home-technology integrator.

CES 2016 Booby Prizes

By Julie Jacobson · January 19, 2016 • The CES 2016 awards that no one is talking about.

A Solar Powered Dummy Camera?!

By Julie Jacobson · March 6, 2015 • SecurityMan adds solar power to make dumb surveillance camera look smarter.

SmartThings Wife: ‘I’m sick of living in an automated house.’

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2015 • In a hilarious SmartThings home automation thread, husband shares text messages from furious wife; readers share some equally hilarious advice.

Most Valuable Tip EVER for Wire Monkeys

By Julie Jacobson · January 15, 2015 • How to coil cables so they don't get all knotty.

Halloween Movie Reviews: Manufacturers Take on Zombies & Monsters

By Julie Jacobson · October 31, 2014 • The Monsters, including one that looks suspiciously like Jeremy Burkhardt, come out to spook for Halloween. We review this season of manufacturer-produced horror flicks.

White Van Scammers Tell Bjorn ... They Work for Bjorn’s

By Julie Jacobson · January 30, 2014 • Two guys at a San Antonio gas station selling no-name speakers out of a white van try to convince iconic A/V store owner Bjorn Dybdahl that they are Bjorn’s employees.

Wild Claims, Wacky Names & Odd Products of CES 2014

By Julie Jacobson · December 26, 2013 • Fuzzy animals that dance to audio books, camera mount for selfies, smartphone cases to "withstand life’s most mutilating moments" debut at CES 2014.

Denon’s $500 Cat 5 Cable Solves Global Warming!!!

By Julie Jacobson · August 15, 2013 • Fake Amazon review: Al Gore declares suspension of global warming after A/V enthusiast receives $500 Denon cable.

Hints from the Homemaker: Hiding Components in a Book

By Julie Jacobson · July 12, 2013 • Martha Stewart couldn't have crafted it better herself.

CE Pro to Name 50 Old Farts of CE

By Julie Jacobson · April 1, 2013 • ‘I can’t remember the last time we got a little respect around here,’ says CEDIA board member and Old Fart Bill Skaer.

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