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Boulder Amplifiers

Boulder Phono Preamplifier Features Selectable EQ Curves

By Robert Archer · February 26, 2019 • The Boulder 2108 phono preamplifier offers vinyl lovers the industry standard RIAA EQ curve, and the choice of FFRR, Columbia and EMI EQ curves via a button on the preamplifier's front panel.

Boulder Completes DAC Design, Releases 2120 Digital-to-Analog Converter

By Robert Archer · April 19, 2016 • Designed to provide dealers with a high-performance and flexible digital audio solution, the new 2120 DAC from Boulder employs a modular architecture to allow dealers to configure the component as needed.

Boulder Launches 2100 Series with 2110 Preamplifier, 2150 Monoblock Amplfiier

By Robert Archer · August 29, 2013 • Forging into a new era, Boulder has introduced its 2100 Series that includes high-performance products such as the 2110 Preamplifier and 2150 Amplifier. Boulder's new 2110 Preamplifier uses a multi-chassis design with totally isolated left and right channels, logic and user interfaces, and the power supply sections. The 2150 Monoblock Amplifier features a Class A design, along with the company's 99H2 gain stage circuit design, and three toroidal transformers that help the amp deliver 1,000 watts of power into any load.

Boulder Amplifier is a Stereo Heavyweight Performance Champ

By Robert Archer · March 11, 2013 • The newly announced 3060 stereo amplifier from Boulder weighs nearly 450 pounds it it delivers 900 watts of power.

Boulder 1021 Disc Player

By Robert Archer · March 16, 2010 • The American, high-performance audio company has added the UPnP and DLNA networking protocols to its CD player to provide users with the ability to use the component as a DAC within a computer-based audio system.

Boulder Adds Customizable 1008 Phono Preamplifier

By Robert Archer · November 13, 2009 • Features a rugged chassis, multiple inputs, a low-cut filter and a selectable mono mode for monaural recordings played back with a stereo cartridge.