CE Pro Presents 2017 Quest for Quality Awards: Service Is Still King

More than 7,400 votes from integrators identify the CE Pro 2017 Quest for Quality Award winners for outstanding customer service, tech support and more.


CE Pro presents the 2017 Quest for Quality Awards, recognizing outstanding service by manufacturers and distributors. 

Every integrator knows that the key to their success is customer service. In the end, it doesn’t matter how technically advanced the equipment is that you have installed, if you don’t provide great customer service to your clients, you have failed.

The same holds true for manufacturers and distributors. Their warehouses and factories are laden with the most sophisticated home entertainment equipment in the world, but if they fumble in their interactions with integrators, they have likewise have failed.

That's why CE Pro's annual Quest for Quality Awards gauges not products, but services. Now in its seventh year, the Q4Q Awards recognize outstanding service by manufacturers and distributors. (See last years' Q4Q awards here.)

It really is a coveted award because it represents the individuals that work hard every day to satisfy integrators with tech support, warranty administration, dealer programs/incentives, lead generation, shipping policies, dealer protection policies, trade show presence, website, dealer portal, social media presence, training programs, sales and marketing help, and general communication.

This year, two new categories were added to the slate: software support and recurring monthly revenue (RMR) support programs.

In the end, people like doing business with people they trust and like. The better support integrators receive from their suppliers, the better services they ultimately are able to offer to their end-user clients.

What makes the CE Pro Q4Q accolades so special is that nominations and votes come directly from integrators — more 7,400 votes this year.

We asked the winning companies to express why they think dealers honored them, and several have provided photos of their teams so you can see the faces behind the services.

As in past years, we’ve also included a “Category Kudos” to recognize suppliers that perhaps do not have the strength in sheer voting numbers as the larger companies honored but were passionately singled out by dealers. (See the “Category Kudos” here.)

Check out your favorite suppliers about their ongoing quest for superior service and support, and discover new ones that pique your interest.


Customer Service/General Communication

“We are truly honored to have won this award seven years running. The Customer Satisfaction Team takes this award very seriously — it’s essentially their Super Bowl. It takes a special person to be great at customer service, because the job is constant problem solving. No one calls in just to say, ‘great job.’ So when dealers do call, they get someone who really wants to go above and beyond. Their passion isn’t fake or scripted; it’s a genuine desire to help. We know how busy integrators can be, so our goal is to make their lives easier and help them succeed.” —Dawn Boland, Vice President, Customer Care

GOLD — Control4
“Having a combined customer service and accounts receivable Sales Support contact eliminates the need for phone transfers, and allows multiple questions to be answered in one phone call or email. Our Sales Support team members are empowered to make decisions that best suit our dealer’s business needs, which maximizes interactions and creates a mutually beneficial relationship.” —Amy Longaker, Sales Support Manager

SILVER — Elk Products
“Every interaction with our customers is an opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for their business. Providing timely, accurate service and support is one of the best ways to communicate our appreciation to them for choosing Elk. Respect and patience are fundamental to this effort. Our live operators quickly connect customers to a friendly and knowledgeable staff member with little to no hold time. We welcome feedback from our customers, as their opinions and ideas motivate us to continually improve. We believe that building strong partnerships with our customers is vital to ensuring their satisfaction.” —Amy Strickland, Marketing Manager

Technical Support

PLATINUM — Control4
“First, we empower our dealers to help themselves by sharing what we know through our knowledge base. There is no secret manual that we keep to ourselves. Our agents worldwide consult the same knowledge repository that we make available to our dealers. Second, we have our dealers’ backs. Many of our agents have worked for dealers or owned dealerships, so they understand what it’s like to be stuck without an answer. Whether contacting us by online chat or by phone, dealers know that Control4 support agents bring every issue to a working resolution. Third, Control4 support regularly goes to extreme lengths to ensure the success of dealers and the satisfaction of end customers. We often dispatch technical field personnel to solve problems that require a site visit. And when an end customer gets frustrated, Control4’s customer advocacy team helps dealers de-escalate the issue. The common theme of these principles is a dedication to our dealers’ success.” —Ted Haeger, Senior Director, Training and Support

“What is SnapAV’s Technical Support secret sauce? Passion! There is nothing more frustrating than calling and not ever getting someone to pick up. After all, time is money. We staff our call centers to actually answer calls, not send them to voicemail. And when our Technical Support Specialists pick up, they can really help, because they know our products inside and out. Their advanced training and knowledge means issues are resolved quicker, so dealers can get back to business.” —Dawn Boland, Vice President, Customer Care

“FIREFX stands apart from the competition in many ways, but prime among these differences is the way our company was forged in the crucible of military service to this country. While not all of our members have military backgrounds, most do, and we actively strive to maintain the warrior ethos in our halls and corporate culture, honoring the spirit of those of us who have and continue to serve. The dedication we carry forward to FIREFX is one of the byproducts of the founders’ experience on and off the battlefields of the world embracing the values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Personal Courage (LDRSHP) in everything we do, including our daily interaction with our customers. We take great pride in this and our team is honored to be recognized as one of the best in this industry.” —Larry Allhands, President/CEO

Lead Generation

PLATINUM — Alarm.com
“The website dealer locator and newsletter template consistently generate new potential business for us.” —CE Pro reader comment

GOLD — Lutron
“We just expanded to a new market and Lutron helped us with lead generation and excellent dealer programs to help secure a foothold in the market. They really stepped up for us.” —CE Pro reader comment

SILVER — Savant
“Savant understands that consumers can learn about home automation in many ways, and leverages those touchpoints to drive leads to all their installers. On their website, Savant focuses on the customer experience, and gives them multiple opportunities to find an installer in their area. Additionally, Savant does outreach to builders, architects, and interior designers to teach them about the benefits of home automation, and why Savant is the best choice for their clients. Lastly, the Savant brand is highly regarded for its quality — and that reputation means customers often ask for it by name contacting their local installer.” —Sarah Harrington, Corporate Marketing

Sales/Marketing Assistance

“Their local rep will always answer my emails, even when he is on vacation.” —CE Pro reader comment

GOLD — Yamaha
“Providing unwavering, consistent and direct support to CE professionals is a top priority at Yamaha, and as such, we develop our sales and marketing campaigns with their perspective and needs in mind. We invest heavily in high quality webinars, educational videos, tech support, warranty administration and training classes — not simply to demonstrate our winning combination of price and performance, but also to provide CE pros with a solid understanding of how our products improve their customers’ lives through better sound throughout the home. We speak their language, showing them how they can sell more, install more, connect more, hear more, and profit more.” —Bob Goedken, General Manager, AV Division

SILVER — IC Realtime
“It starts with who we are: IC Realtime is an American-owned and operated company that is actually born from a security systems sales and installation company, so we’ve walked a mile or two in the shoes of the dealers. Quite honestly, we strive to deliver the kind of service that we would want as a dealer. We are gratified to be receiving this acknowledgement from our dealers, and pledge to continue to deliver this level of exemplary support.” —Matt Sailor, CEO

RMR Support Programs

PLATINUM — Control4
“Whether a dealer’s business is tuned for project-based or recurring monthly revenues, we’re laser focused on helping dealers grow their business. Just consider how much time and money a dealer saves when he can avoid even one truck roll per week, while still delivering incredible customer service. That’s why we provide tools like BakPak for our dealers. We’re very pleased to be recognized for this commitment to our dealers.” —Brad Hintze, Senior Director, Product Marketing

GOLD — Ihiji
“For nearly 10 years we have helped the industry adopt and embrace recurring monthly revenue and to offer beneficial RMR services to their customers. Our Race to RMR program indicates and this award win confirms that the industry recognizes the value and is finding ways to create sustainable RMR. We couldn’t be happier to see the RMR category gaining momentum and becoming an important part of integrators’ lives.” —Michael Maniscalco, Vice President of Product

SILVER — Access Networks 

Software Support

“D-Tools’ commitment to customer success reaches well beyond our software. Our outstanding Support and Professional Services teams deliver on-site and online support and training services to ensure that customers can fully benefit from our solution. Whether the objective is to move quickly through the initial learning curve, become self-sufficient, integrate D-Tools SI with other software solutions, or develop internal power users, our Support and PSG teams are there to help every customer achieve their specific goals and ensure a successful implementation.” —Tim Bigoness, CMO

GOLD — Portal
“Software is an extension of customer service, and we are honored to receive awards in both of these categories. As former dealers, we know how hard it is to run an integration business; and we know how critical it is to our dealers to provide fast support. Our team works hard to respond quickly and provide software features that our dealers need to win projects and efficiently run their integration businesses.” —Josh Willits, VP Dealer Happiness

SILVER — ProjX360
“I’m fortunate to have a great team of developers on staff that truly believe in our product and what we are trying to achieve, which is to develop the best CI Management Solution software for our industry. A big part of that is the proper support to our customers. As the founder of the company and having 25 years of experience as an integrator I understand what our customers are experiencing and understand what they are asking for and we are taking that feedback and applying it to the software. We also have a Feature Request section where our users can request enhancements and vote on the ones other users have requested.” —Doug Greenwald, CEO/Founder

Warranty Policies

“Great products produce great warranty policies — it all starts there. Our products are developed and scrutinized knowing that we need quality we can stand behind. But no product is perfect 100 percent of the time. And if our product causes a problem in a dealers’ business, we work hard to make it right. That means advanced replacements, expedited shipments, compensation for travel time, or whatever else it takes.” —Adam Levy, president

GOLD — Sony
“Generous, dealer-friendly staff.” —CE Pro reader comment

SILVER — Crestron
“It’s our continued focus to support our Crestron Technology Professionals [dealers] as partners by offering the best incentives, web tools and user experience. The user experience goes far beyond simply pressing a button on a touchscreen or keypad, it also includes our warranties, service and support. We will continue to innovate and lead the home technology industry, by delivering customer satisfaction like no other.” —John Clancy, Vice President of Residential

Training Programs

“URC is committed to delivering industry-leading training and tech support. We proudly accept this award on behalf of the loyal URC dealers who spend their time and resources attending our live training events, joining our webinars and actively engaging with our eLearning curriculum. Throughout 2016, URC dealers showed up in force for Total Control, MX HomePro and Complete Control live training events. We again staged our annual Total Control Accelerator Challenge at CEDIA 2016 where elite URC programmers competed on-site for top honors.” —Russ Hoffman, Director, Training and Technical Support

GOLD — Metra
“Metra Home Theater understands the need to provide integrators with training programs that support the products we’re innovating. We’re invested in training programs that provide dealers with expert-level knowledge for many of the industry’s trending topics. We’ve seen great success over the years at our CEDIA Lunch N’ Learns, which focus on many of the common issues integrators face while providing them with the best ways to resolve them. We also provide our integrators with access to webinars, in-house support and additional tools that help them to stay a step ahead of the competition.” —Jessy Crabb, General Manager

SILVER — Crestron
“It’s our continued focus to support our Crestron Technology Professionals [dealers] as partners. We will continue to innovate and lead the home technology industry, by delivering customer satisfaction like no other.” —John Clancy, Vice President of Residential

Dealer Programs/Incentives

PLATINUM — Crestron
“It’s our continued focus to support our Crestron Technology Professionals [dealers] as partners by offering the best incentives, web tools and user experience.” —John Clancy, Vice President of Residential

“Our mission is to offer our dealers the best resources, training, support, and products available. That’s why our award-winning Integration Designer programming software is available expressly to authorized dealers. We take a firm stance on products sold by unauthorized dealers online. Through our Certified Dealer program, potential clients can easily locate a professionally trained RTI integrator. As a result, dealer profit margins are protected. In addition, our Advanced Control University (ACU) allows our dealers to grow their knowledge base. “RTI also provides incentive programs. Integrators can earn Control Bucks by completing on-site training courses or as they purchase RTI products, and then redeem them for RTI products and other merchandise. Our Dealer Accommodation program (for U.S. dealers) gives dealers the opportunity to buy RTI products at reduced pricing for showroom or personal use.” —Mike Everett, Vice President of Global Sales

SILVER — Origin Acoustics
“We invented same-day shipping, margins above 60 points and lifetime warranty for architectural speaker companies when we launched SpeakerCraft in 1994. Now this is what is expected as a minimum level of support if you want to be a good partner. My philosophy at Origin since our first meeting with dealers before we launched the brand was, ‘How do we not only be your best business partner but make you our partner as well?’ Our integration partners are sick of playing quarterly games to get free shipping, model home, demo or free marketing support programs. I look at every dealer as a partner and ask, ‘How can we help you grow your business?’ We make immediate investments in everything from video, print, demo products or showroom interior design.” —Jeremy Burkhardt, CEO

Shipping Policies

“Integrators don’t really have time to waste, and deadlines can be tight. The quicker we get products to dealers, the quicker they complete jobs, and the quicker they complete jobs, the more money they make. We offer same-day shipping on orders before 7 p.m. EST because that’s what dealers need to grow their business. And if we could find a way to ship it even sooner, we would.” —Adam Levy, president

GOLD — Control4
“As in all things, we strive to be the best partner organization that our customers work with on a daily basis to support them in being successful in running their own businesses. To help do this, we have invested in fulfillment centers in the U.S., U.K. and Australia to ensure coverage for all regions with direct dealers. Our warehouses are stocked with key inventory items allowing 60 percent of our orders to ship the same day they are placed and close to 90 percent of orders to ship complete by day two. Our dealers enjoy increased free freight benefits as they achieve premier status but even our newest dealers are offered free freight on any order of a certain size while our top dealers receive free freight on all orders of any size. We work very hard to simplify business for our dealers.” —Jeff Dungan, Senior Vice President, Business Development

SILVER — Legrand (Luxul)

Dealer Protection Policies

“Fast and efficient. The best … period!” —CE Pro reader comment

GOLD — Core Brands
“Dealer protection policies are very important to all of us at Core Brands, because we know they are important to our dealers. Our brand protection initiative is an ongoing effort that spans all of our brands, and we remain fully committed to ensuring that our authorized dealers have the greatest opportunity to deliver a superior customer experience to their customers.” —Bill Hensley, Director, Marketing

SILVER — Paradigm
“As a specialty manufacturer, we feel it is extremely important that consumers have the opportunity to hear what Paradigm offers for themselves. This type of listening and comparison simply can’t be obtained in a mass merchant environment, which is why we work with a network of handpicked specialty dealers. We value these trusted partners highly and support them every way we can. Our goal is to enable our dealers to sell the Paradigm brand confidently, without the burden of competing with Internet dealers and big-box stores.” —Amanda Balla, Marketing Communications

Consumer-Facing Website

“The brand name opens doors with clients.” —CE Pro reader comment

GOLD — Lutron
“They seem like they are part of our family in helping our business with all of our needs to make a living.” —CE Pro reader comment

“Because the brand name is so well recognized, we don’t feel the need to actively market and push it. We are also listed as a registered Nest Pro on their website, which has driven traffic to us.” —CE Pro reader comment

Dealer/Integrator Website

“Having a strong relationship with integrators is critical to everything we do at SnapAV, and website design is no different. Most web developers design first and get feedback second, but our approach is the exact opposite. We constantly seek input from our customers to make our website easier to use and more useful to integrators. They tell us what they want to see, and our job is to make it happen.” —Bike Howard, Vice President,  eCommerce

GOLD — Sonance

SILVER — Crestron
“It’s our continued focus to support our Crestron Technology Professionals [dealers] as partners by offering the best incentives, web tools and user experience. We will continue to innovate and lead the home technology industry, by delivering customer satisfaction like no other.” —John Clancy, Vice President of Residential

Trade Show Presence

“Lutron goes above and beyond to help us as dealers.” —CE Pro reader comment

GOLD — Honeywell

SILVER — Core Brands
“At every show we attend, large and small, our goal is to deliver on the Core Brands ‘experience’ — from exceptional service and award-winning products to our best-in-the-industry dealer rewards program. Of equal importance, shows give us the opportunity to get feedback from dealers and distributors on how we can be the best partner and help them grow their businesses. We are here to help.” —Bill Hensley, Director, Marketing

Social Media Presence

PLATINUM — Dish Network
“Dish Network’s Twitter feed gives me great ideas about TV content programs to speak with prospective clients about.” —CE Pro reader comment

GOLD — Control4
“We are incredibly thankful to our dealers for voting for us in this category for the fourth year in a row. Social media is an avenue that allows us to continue to build a positive rapport with our dealers and customers. Visitors come to our social channels to learn about advancements in the smart home, new developments in the tech industry, get assistance or offer up words of appreciation, and share their stories. We don’t just churn out content. We educate. We listen. We care.” —Crystal Watts, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

SILVER — Legrand
“Our goal is to be available to support our dealers, wherever and however they need us. We are on social to engage with them, provide the latest product insights, and answer their questions. We’re consistent in developing and delivering information that is focused around products, events, and other topics that we see (through analytics) our audiences actually care about. We also take the time to create original content in graphics, images and videos for posts on each social media channel, and frequently interact with our audiences.” —Reid Cram, Director, Marketing Communications


Customer Service/General Communication

PLATINUM — Skywalker AV Supply
“Winning in this category for a fourth straight year comes down to one thing — people. Our platinum-rated service is the foundation of our business. We’re fortunate to have great people that genuinely care and are willing to go above and beyond to provide fast, friendly and thorough customer service. Building relationships is what sets our team apart and ensures each dealer is met with an enjoyable buying experience.” —Randy Criebaum, President

GOLD — WAVE Electronics
“Our sales staff is made up of people from the CE industry; they know the gear that they are selling. When you pick up products from WAVE you will not wait longer than five minutes to get your product. Our goal is to add value to each dealer encounter.” —Holly Ford, Director of Marketing

SILVER — Portal
“We call our Customer Service and Support team the ‘Dealer Happiness Team’ because making dealers happy is our number one goal. We have invested in tools that allow dealers to communicate with our team in real-time. Our feature request section lets our dealers know we care about what they care about. With a median response time of less than 1 minute on dealer inquiries, we know dealers value our responsiveness.” —Josh Willits, VP Dealer Happiness

Technical Support

“Allnet is committed to delivering the highest level of after-sale service and support. We invest heavily in hiring knowledgeable industry veterans who have ‘been there and done that’ and supporting them with continuing education on new technologies and products. When a customer seeks advice or is trying to finish a job is when a distributor can be of the highest value to the dealer. Anyone can make the sale, not everyone can support it.” —Wally Whinna, President

GOLD — Capitol Sales
“Capitol was an early proponent of making networking products and services a focus of our business. IoT plays a big part in our scouting efforts for new products and vendors that fit in the connected home. This includes back-end gear, accessories, and lifestyle products that now live on a robust network. “Each year, we run multiple education programs. In addition to on-site and off-campus training, we post an ongoing series of concise product overviews as well as detailed webinars on our YouTube channel, with a focus on how to make today’s most relevant products and technologies to help make this year our customers’ most profitable yet.” —Curt Hayes, President & CFO

“Our award-winning ADI University program provides the ADI sales staff with the most up-to-date information on industry technology. This program helps our salespeople provide a superior experience to our customers. ADI’s Systems Sales and Support Team is comprised of trained specialists who are proficient in all key technology areas. Available free of charge to ADI customers, this team of trained experts is available to help you grow your business and offer complete, integrated systems to your clients.” —Stu Tisdale, Vice President

RMR Support Programs

PLATINUM — Skywalker AV Supply
“With the popularity of online shopping, products are becoming more accessible to end users and ultimately less profitable for dealers. Service plans provide a unique opportunity for dealers and can help offset toll of today’s online shopping trend. We’re focused on working with the industry’s top brands to offer assistance with services plans and administration.” —Randy Criebaum, President

GOLD — WAVE Electronics
“WAVE has focused on supporting dealers with an RMR business model in many unique ways. We have an in-house DIY program/process. The DIY process starts by designing the DIY package for the dealer, pre-programming the products and then shipping the DIY package to the end user on behalf of the dealer. WAVE can help the dealer generate more service and monitoring contracts through this model. Don’t need a DIY kit? No problem, WAVE also has a program called Dealer Programming Services (DPS). We can pre-program a system and ship it to the dealer so that the tech can install the system quickly. The benefit to the dealer is that he can save time and sign up more customers on his RMR model.” —Holly Ford, Director of Marketing

“One of our goals is to help our installing customers provide complete end-to-end solutions to their clients which can, in turn, allow them to wrap services around those solutions that offer RMR. ADI’s Systems Sales and Support Team is available to help build a complete bill of materials for projects. This service can make it easier to shape a project into a complete solution that will lead to RMR through managed and hosted access control, remote monitoring, or service agreements. ADI also has Regional Account Specialists to assist ADI customers to spec large projects in the field.” —Stu Tisdale, Vice President

Shipping Policies

PLATINUM — Capitol Sales
“Everyone at Capitol is thrilled and humbled to get such a resoundingly high grade from our customers. We understand that offering the best selection in the business wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t ensure that our customers’ orders arrive when promised.” —Curt Hayes, President & CFO

GOLD — Skywalker AV
“Our free shipping policy is hard to beat. Our dealers are rewarded with a shipping policy that eliminates questionable freight costs. This allows them to create more accurate bids without the threat of being blindsided by an unexpected shipping expense.” —Randy Criebaum, President

“At AVAD, we offer our dealers free freight via UPS Ground for orders of $750 or more and free freight via truck with waived service fees for a single order of $3,500 or more. We’ve created a personalized freight program to assure products arrive on time to its designated location. In addition, we’ve recently launched a strategic warehouse system to provide our dealers with the ability to have product shipped to quickly to wherever they need it across the United States and Canada. By implementing a new, strategic approach, we’re able to efficiently offer products to more markets.” —Seth Evenson, Director of Customer Experience


“We are a technology company and our core competency is our website. We don’t design and build physical products, nor do we store inventory, so 100 percent of our resources can be assigned to technology, which improves the dealer buying experience.” —Josh Willits, VP Dealer Happiness

GOLD — Skywalker AV Supply
“As a nationwide supplier, having an award-winning website is a big deal for us! We work hard to make it easy for our dealers to use. In addition to providing a top-notch user experience, our website revolves around giving the dealers what they need. Dealers have access to exclusive content and product support such as images, descriptions, specs and videos. They can also take advantage of the many great features such as creating bids with my projects or using the mini cart for express ordering.” —Randy Criebaum, President

SILVER — WAVE Electronics
“We are always trying to improve the user experience on our site. Dealers want to find the products they are looking for fast. Our new search engine does just that. We also have focused on adding better specs, images and resources to every one of our 12,000 parts. Dealers can also keep track of their rebates in real-time. They know when the check is in the mail.” —Holly Ford, Director of Marketing

Training Programs

PLATINUM — WAVE Electronics
“WAVE Electronics completed over 180 dealer trainings in 2016. How is that possible? Not only do we have technical trainings in each of our 10 locations, but our outside sales reps perform trainings in outer lying areas for dealers that are not located near a WAVE branch. These trainings are technical and are more focused on saving the dealer time and money.” —Holly Ford, Director of Marketing

“AVAD is invested in providing dealers with expert-level training programs for residential and commercial products. We offer an array of training opportunities, such as our Vendopalooza, Commercial Days and more, that focus on everything from product training to business management. In addition to our in-branch training programs, we offer online webinars, demonstrations, certifications and more through the AVAD Dealer Portal, giving them access to additional tools at their convenience.” —Seth Evenson, Director of Customer Experience

SILVER — Skywalker AV Supply
“At Skywalker AV Supply, we believe knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve invested in a brand new training facility to focus on providing our dealers with the education they need to sell and install our products.” —Randy Criebaum, President

Dealer Programs/Incentives

“Our 1 percent industry-wide rewards program is the first of its kind. This award recognizes our effort to reward dealers for keeping their business in the channel, and our commitment to building value for our distributor and vendor partners.” —Josh Willits, VP Dealer Happiness

GOLD — WAVE Electronics
“WAVE’s 9/3 Kickback program has received tremendous success over the last three years. Dealers can receive up to a 9-percent rebate on commodity goods like TV mounts, HDMI cables, speakers, equipment racks and power products AND get up to a 3-percent rebate on A-brand products like Bose, Sony, Samsung, Sonos, Honeywell, 2GIG, URC and the rest of our 130+ product lines.” —Holly Ford, Director of Marketing

“AVAD places an emphasis on providing dealers with incentives, rewards programs and more. With the help of our valued vendor partners, we’re able to offer our dealers exceptional programs and incentives, such as our newly enhanced AVAD Rewards Program and AVAD Rewards Bonus Offers.” —Seth Evenson, Director of Customer Experience

Trade Show Presence

PLATINUM — PowerHouse Alliance
“It is rare that distributor companies exhibit at industry shows and events because of the large expense, but the PowerHouse Alliance finds it incredibly important and valuable to be present whenever possible. Industry events present the opportunity for our 12 members to meet as a group to discuss business strategies and the latest product categories we should be exploring further. Meeting with new and existing dealers at shows is crucial for our members. It is very important for us to be a voice for our dealers, help answer their questions, and share the information they need to successfully sell and install new products once they leave the show floor.” —Dennis Holzer, Executive Director

“ADI’s trade show presence has been carefully thought out and designed to help trade show attendees find complete end-to-end solutions rather than a single product. Visitors to ADI’s booth will find the entire breadth and depth of our product offering from top industry manufacturers. In addition, ADI works with industry trade show associations to feature alternative products at each trade show designed to help dealers expand into new markets.” —Stu Tisdale, Vice President

SILVER— WAVE Electronics
“Go big or go home. We put our best foot forward at trade shows in order to increase awareness of our vendors as well as the value-add services we provide such as Product Printing, DIY Program, Training and much more. Shows like CEDIA and ISC allow us to showcase all the services we offer for a complete solution.” —Holly Ford, Director of Marketing