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Mark Levinson by Harman Debuts SACD Player That Also Streams

By Lisa Montgomery · May 15, 2019 • The № 5101 from Mark Levinson combines a trifecta of technologies into one device: SACD, streaming, and DAC.

Pro-Ject Smartphone DAC Boosts Audio Performance On The Go

By Robert Archer · February 20, 2019 • The Pro-Ject DAC Box E Mobile is a portable digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed for use with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

$1,495 Parasound Halo P6 Preamplifier and DAC Debuts at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

By Robert Archer · October 10, 2018 • Designed to replace the 5-year-old Halo P5 preamplifier, the new $1,495 Parasound Halo P6 Preamplifier and DAC provides control options for analog and digital audio source components.

OPPO Digital Sonica DAC & Network Streamer Delivers Hi-Res PCM & DSD Audio

By Robert Archer · February 3, 2017 • With its Sonica DAC & Network Streamer, OPPO balances the value of a network streaming device and a traditional DAC product all in a single package.

Korg DAC Includes Built-In MM Phono Input

By Robert Archer · December 19, 2016 • Branching out from its professional audio and music industry (MI) roots, Korg has introduced a reasonably priced DAC that includes a built-in MM phono input to turn vinyl or tap into high-resolution audio files.

Astounding Array of Audio: 21 Editor’s Picks from CEDIA 2016

By Arlen Schweiger · September 28, 2016 • From new complementary Sonos controls and components, to wireless audio competitors, new architectural speaker solutions, mini form factors for everything, enhanced aesthetics and more, CEDIA 2016 continued to help the custom channel up its audio game.

Latest NAD Integrated Amps Are Loaded with Convenient Features

By Robert Archer · September 28, 2016 • CEDIA 2016: The new C 338, C 368 and C 388 digital amplifiers from NAD offer consumers a choice of modern hybrid digital DAC amplifiers that include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options.

Meridian Sets Digital Benchmark with Ultra DAC

By Robert Archer · June 3, 2016 • Meridian says the Ultra DAC offers state-of-the-art dual mono DAC cards, DSP filter options, upsampling and apodizing capabilities that set a new "standard in the analog realm."

By the Numbers: Latest Trends in Desktop & Computer Audio

By CE Pro Editors · July 3, 2015 • From digital-to-analog converters (DACs) to streaming music services, CE Pro takes a look at the trends in desktop and computer audio.

AudioControl Designs Combo Amp/DAC for Install Market

By Robert Archer · February 11, 2015 • The Bijou 600 from AudioControl can be set up to drive a set of speakers and upgrade the audio of devices like Apple TVs and Sonos Connect products.

Sony Releases 8 Hi-Res Audio Products

By CE Pro Editors · September 11, 2013 • Citing consumer preference for high-quality audio, Sony releases eight products geared toward popularizing high-resolution audio.

PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter Rips Vinyl to Digital

By Robert Archer · August 21, 2013 • PS Audio's NuWave Phono Converter combines a phono preamplifier and digital-to-analog converter, allowing users to rip vinyl into digital files to listen to them on portable devices.

Greater Boston Summer Soundfest with B&O, Wilson Audio, Emotiva, More

By Robert Archer · July 11, 2013 • B&O, Wilson Audio, Dan D'Agostino, Emotiva and other audio icons show off their wares in the Greater Boston area.

AudioControl Rialto 400 Solves Amplification & Digital Audio Dilemma

By Robert Archer · May 7, 2013 • The Northwestern company is now shipping its latest product, the Rialto 400 which combines amplification and digital-to-analog (DAC) functions all within a single product.

Balanced Music Concept (BMC) DAC Features Built-in Headphone Amp

By Robert Archer · February 20, 2013 • The European audio company B.M.C. says its new PureDAC digital-to-analog converter (DAC) features a built-in headphone amplifier to serve the needs of lifestyle and design-conscious consumers.

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