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Audio Design Associates

ADA Custom Built Program Puts Integrator Brand Name Front and Center

By Robert Archer · July 10, 2018 • Ever wanted your business logo on the components you sell? Audio Design Associates (ADA) has you covered with its new Custom Built program.

CEDIA Founding Member: Let’s Get Back to Luxury Roots, Stop Messing with DIY

By Julie Jacobson · May 17, 2017 • Richard Stoerger, one of the original CEDIA guys, says home-technology association should promote luxury products and services, stop muddling the core mission with me-too smart-home products, services and messaging.

Industry Vet Bill Skaer Joins ADA as Partner

By Robert Archer · September 9, 2016 • Skaer's years of experience as a market professional will help Stoerger revitalize the decades-old custom installation company Audio Design Associates.

Stoerger New President & Chief Executive Officer of ADA

By Robert Archer · September 7, 2016 • Stoerger purchased longtime custom installation equipment manufacturer Audio Design Associates (ADA) this past spring on its 39th birthday.

ISE 2016 Cinema: SI’s Stunning Transformer Screen, Atmos Up-Mixing, Leon Speakers, Best Tattoo Ever

By Julie Jacobson · February 17, 2016 • Screen Innovations demonstrates new Transformer screen that widens or shrinks according to aspect ratio; partners with Leon Speakers, ADA, Wolf Cinema and others for amazing Atmos demo. See the coolest audio tattoo ever. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

ADA Multizone Amp Takes Sonos Distribution to New Heights

By Grant Clauser · September 18, 2013 • Audio Design Associates' new PTM-1645-SNS multizone distribution amp connects up to eight sources and distributes them to eight zones, opening up more options for Sonos multizone projects.

Inexpensive BitWise Box Controls $200,000 Home Cinema at ISE 2013

By Julie Jacobson · February 5, 2013 • Top audio, video and furniture brands provided the best home theater demo at ISE 2013, and it was all controlled with an iPad app and a $1,500 home automation box from BitWise.

Seen & Heard at CES 2013: ‘Nobody THINKS They Want a Yanni Demo’

By Julie Jacobson · January 10, 2013 • The quote of CES 2013 comes from Richard Stoerger of Audio Design Associates demo'ing Yanni with high-end A/V gear.

Leon Speakers Shows Best in Sound, Aesthetics

By Aaron Stern · September 11, 2012 • Leon shows leadership in sound and design with Chris-Craft-inspired outdoor speakers powered by ADA, UltraThin speakers that hide a TV's control panel, and more.

ADA Ramp Decodes Variety of Audio Formats from Multichannel to Two-channel

By Julie Jacobson · September 10, 2012 • ADA’s new Ramp-PM room amplifier solves the problem of channel-flipping between content with different audio formats -- it's a powerful little stereo system for every flat panel in the house.

CEDIA Names 2012 Manufacturers’ Excellence Award Winners

By CE Pro Editors · September 10, 2012 • CEDIA names 10 winners for Manufacturers' Excellence and recognizes Crestron with a Sustainable Lifestyle Award.

ADA Files Patent for In-Wall iPad Mounting System

By Julie Jacobson · September 19, 2011 • Unit mounts onto junction box for simple retrofits without the need to cut into walls.

Audio Design Associates (ADA) Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV & Suite 7.1 HD preamplifier/processors

By Robert Archer · April 27, 2011 • The New York-based company has started to ship its latest home theater controller units that incorporate the latest technologies, including HDMI 1.4.

ADA’s Uber Audio Personalization, Plus Energy Mgmt Surprise

By Julie Jacobson · September 22, 2010 • Between its new Suite-32 multiroom A/V system and Tinnov-endowed TEQ, ADA offers a wealth of personalization options for whole-house audio; special treat: energy dashboard from Module Depot.

Audio Design Associates (ADA): Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV B

By Robert Archer · April 19, 2010 • Since the initial release of its Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV preamplifier/process earlier this year, White Plains, N.Y.-based ADA has released a higher performance version of its latest home theater preamp, the Mach IV B.

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