Furman’s 120 V Pro A/V Product Catalog

Download the Pro A/V Products Catalog.

For over 40 years, Furman has been the industry’s most trusted name in AC conditioning, regulation, balanced isolation transformers, sequencing and distribution for audio, video, and broadcast professionals. Our clients include respected professional musicians, renowned recording studios, commercial contractors, and touring groups that handle major concert tours across North America and across the world. They choose Furman because of our reputation for reliability, our engineering expertise, and our years of experience focusing on the specific needs of industry professionals who cannot afford equipment failure or downtime.

Furman has earned its reputation of trust around the world as a result of the billions of dollars worth of equipment saved from power problems, and because of its innovative technologies which maximize an A/V system’s performance. For our clients, operating a system without the safe, clean power delivered by a Furman unit is simply out of the question. 

Audio/video professionals can never accept down time, corrupted data, or unreliability. It is for this reason that a robust, professional level transient voltage surge suppression system, such as SMP, is the best choice for critical applications. 

Download Furman's Pro A/V Product Catalog.