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By the Numbers: Latest Trends in HDMI
Take a look at the trends in HDMI, including HDMI 2.0, billions of HDMI-enabled products and the HDMI Forum.
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#TBT: Tracking a $20M Project: Pics of Work
In this edition of Throwback Thursday, go back to July 2010 with in-progress photos of a $20 million, 28,000-square-foot project.
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[PHOTOS] That $20M Automated Home is for Sale. And Boy is it ... Busy
By Julie Jacobson. You know that $20 million Arizona home automated by Mark Sipe and his band of merry installers? It’s finished and it’s for sale. Um. Wow.
Crestron, Sapphire Get Festive in Boston
By Jason Knott. Key residential and commercial custom integrators and top end users enjoy a holiday evening in Boston with Crestron and rep firm Sapphire Marketing.
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colpliscol2 (Posted on 12/19/14, 03:14 PM)
Thanks for the good word Jason. Our Spotify integration has been a priority since I walked through the door. To be fair, Spotify is one of the easiest companies I’ve worked with when securing certification. It is the overall process…
Mark Sipe (Posted on 12/19/14, 01:21 PM)
Murray, When I saw this email come in, it didn’t have a name but I knew it was you, who else can come across so pompous and actually believe he is right.  This isn’t a spec, the wife doesn’t like it, they sell it. …
murray the K (Posted on 12/19/14, 10:29 AM)
well this is no good LOL what are we going to gossip about at the next CEDIA! might be very telling to find out if GF knew / approved this - the timing is interesting. This type of lawsuit between established companies and…
murray the K (Posted on 12/19/14, 10:21 AM)
first - please know i own a block of Control 4 stock .. i believe in what they are doing for the mass market.  however once it was announced this house was control 4 my staff said .. spec house !  LOL here in LA there are…
Mark Sipe (Posted on 12/19/14, 09:27 AM)
I reached out to the client about the house, he let me know his plan.  He has lived there for 19 months.  He thinks it will take some time to sell since he is not willing to lower his price. Here’s the shocker, he is…
Tom (Posted on 12/19/14, 08:58 AM)
I read the instructions in the user manual with regard to attaching the current sensing transformers to the electrical mains. Unfortunately, switching the main breaker off will only terminate power to the breakers feeding the house, the power…
Bruce w (Posted on 12/18/14, 06:59 PM)
I can understand crestron saying we want loyalty. If you walk In to a Mercedes dealer ship they will tell you they have the finest cars in the world . How could they say that if they also sell BMW’s. How can you be an expert at crestron…
Bill Kieltyka (Posted on 12/18/14, 06:14 PM)
Some long lost names: VM (Voice of Music), I even remember the jingle, and made in the US.  Another US-made line, Ampex, tape decks and a receiver or two.  And then, of course, Bozak.  Rudy was a pioneer who gets lost in the…
Steve (Posted on 12/18/14, 02:47 PM)
Savant took Crestron to task for their bullying tactics, I know first hand as I was a given the “or else” talk from thugs at Crestron. Most top tier integrators have left Crestron for Savant, Savant wins in the end.
Robert Heiblim (Posted on 12/18/14, 12:45 PM)
Thank you Bob, this is correct and the loudness wars have been ongoing for some time. However, the very existence of the Hi-Res Audio movement shows that many engineers, artists and producers want something better, want and know how to do…
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