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Boston Acoustics

Madison Fielding Rebrands, Adds Outdoor Housings for Sonos Speakers, Amps

By Jason Knott · March 26, 2019 • 'Planter Speakers by Madison Fielding' rebrands as Intelligent Audio Products, offering new loudspeaker designs for outdoor tables, pedestals and lamps, including housings for Sonos speakers and amps.

Sound United: Heos vs. Play-Fi Debate Continues after D+M Group Merger

By Joe Palenchar · May 16, 2017 • Sound United still defining sales roles, wireless platforms for Polk, Def Tech with D+M Group brands Boston Acoustics, Marantz and Denon.

Sound United Acquires D+M Group: Denon, Marantz, HEOS, Boston Acoustics

By Robert Archer · March 1, 2017 • Sound United, the parent company of Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, has purchased D+M Group and its brands, including Denon, Marantz, HEOS and Boston Acoustics.

CEDIA Q&A: What’s on Tap for Denon, Marantz, HEOS and Boston Acoustics?

By CE Pro Editors · September 13, 2016 • Visit D+M Group, as well as its CEDIA channel brands Denon, Marantz, HEOS and Boston Acoustics, at CEDIA 2016 to see the latest in AV receivers, HIFI, wireless audio and more.

D+M Group Weighs In on its Dolby Atmos vs. DTS:X Testing

By Chuck Schneider · March 8, 2016 • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X aren't as different as you might think, according to D+M Group (Denon, Marantz, Boston Acoustics, HEOS, et al), one of the first component manufacturers implementing the both the surround sound formats.

Trick Question: Best Way to Listen to Boxee?

By Julie Jacobson · September 23, 2010 • You know that awkwardly shaped Boxee Box from D-Link? The box has met its audio match at CEDIA.

Denon Anniversary Collection: Only 7 Products, 40 Dealers, 1 Year

By Jason Knott · August 23, 2010 • Denon to build limited number of new high-end components for 100-year anniversary, sold only for 1 year through 40 select dealers to be announced at CEDIA 2010.