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dARTS Launches Home Theater Package Designed to Reduce Room Reflection

By CE Pro Editors · September 11, 2018 • Debuting during CEDIA Expo 2018, the new dARTS Home Theater Package features speakers digitally calibrated in an anechoic chamber.

Marantz Receivers Priced at Mid-Market Levels

By Robert Archer · August 8, 2014 • The full-featured SR7009 and SR6009 A/V receivers incorporate 9.2-channels and 7.2 channels of amplification each respectively, and other options that include Bluetooth and Audyssey automatic equalization.

Marantz Slimline A/V Receivers

By Robert Archer · May 31, 2012 • The newly announced Marantz NR1403 and NR1603 incorporate a selection of user friendly features to facilitate A/V in spaces that normally couldn't fit an A/V receiver.

Onkyo A/V Receivers

By Robert Archer · February 16, 2011 • The popular consumer electronics company has introduced three new entry-level home theater receivers, which are headlined by the $599 7.2-channel TX-NR609.