CE Pro Partner Series: Colo. Integrator & Vantage Conquer Mountain of Fixtures in Huge HCL Project

Controlling LED fixtures has become vital and Paragon’s Vantage InFusion control systems have evolved.

Paragon’s Vantage InFusion control systems have evolved as tunable and dimmable LED fixtures have become commonplace. Vantage used their LHUMAN human-centric lighting (HCL) to enable better designs with warmer accent color temperatures. The Vantage HCL has five tunable fixture types:

  • Araya
  • DALI Intensity + CCT
  • Warm/Cool
  • Dual-Load Intensity/CCT
  • RGBW

Download the free CE Pro partner series for an in-depth look at this HCL project. This system has 199 tunable fixture loads, and each tunable load is made up of one or more physical fixtures.

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