DISH Dealer Spotlight: Scott Tallal, CommCinema

DISH CI dealer Scott Tallal’s company, CommCinema

After the Malibu Cinemas burned in a 2005 fire, DISH CI dealer Scott Tallal responded by creating the world’s first portable giant-screen outdoor surround sound movie system to provide the movie-loving community a viable alternative.  By the time the local theater finally reopened two years later, Scott’s CommCinema company had developed an extensive inventory of portable digital cinema systems and screens servicing Hollywood studios, corporate accounts, public parks, shopping malls, apartment buildings and other clients.

When CommCinema joined the DISH CI program, they put the Playmaker portable satellite to work to provide live television feeds for their clients – plus the largest daytime-viewable projection system on the planet!  After the most recent Malibu fire claimed almost 500 homes (including Scott’s, which housed his office and showroom), Scott relocated to a nearby property and immediately put his DISH Playmaker back into service. That same system has now been moved back to the property, where it’s providing service to the construction and temporary housing trailers.

Scott was among the early beta testers for DirecTV, but in recent years switched to DISH – not only because of the excellent Concierge service he has come to rely upon for his client orders, but also because he feels that DISH is re-investing in its equipment R&D and services — and the difference shows up in what he can now offer his clients.  He feels the Hopper 3 runs circles around what DirecTV can offer, and its internet accessibility allows his well-traveled clients to tune it from anywhere on the globe.

Scott is particularly proud of his work with DISH and Playmaker for a public screening of the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on the flight deck of the USS Midway in San Diego.  This order was fulfilled by the CI Concierge team in partnership with the local NBC affiliate for this one-time screening event. CommCinema, DISH, and Fox Sports later collaborated to present live coverage of the San Diego Padres opening day game at a Little League complex located in a remote section of San Diego County.

Check out some of CommCinema’s other projects here: Now celebrating 14 years, CommCinema has grown to service over 200 clients a year throughout the U.S. and is in the process of rebranding itself as “The Big Pictures.”