Global Cache

Remodeling Is Hot: Global Caché Products Can Help You Break Into Retrofit Market

By Lisa Montgomery · February 9, 2017 • Consumers are increasingly adopting and integrating IoT devices into their homes, with statistics from Cisco forecasting the number of IoT devices to reach 50 billion by 2020.

Global Caché: Adapting and Innovating for Industry Success

By Advertorial · December 21, 2016 • Embracing an open systems approach helps integrators remain successful in a dynamic smart home industry.

Global Caché: The ‘Glue’ of the Home Systems Industry

By Advertorial · October 31, 2016 • Small, nondescript products working behind the scenes generate bigger profit, seamless IoT solutions for home systems integrators.

Ray Super Remote Gets IR, Relay Control Via Global Cache

By CE Pro Editors · March 15, 2016 • Gaining traction as a dedicated touchscreen remote for IP control, Ray Super Remote ($249) from Ray Enterprises adds IR and relay control through Global Cache.

CEDIA Scoop: On Controls to Launch Home Automation Hardware, 2-Way Honeywell Driver

By Julie Jacobson · September 25, 2015 • On Controls to launch home automation hardware for IR and two-way serial control, building on new relationship with Kramer Electronics. Honeywell security and thermostat driver in the works.

Global Caché Helps Control Homes with Eye Movement

By Jason Knott · May 20, 2015 • Global Caché forms partnership with Dad In A Shed, makers of home automation systems for the control of IR devices and computers via eye movement, touch or switch.

With Market Confusion over DIY Home Automation, Revolv Courts Pros with New Programs, Features

By Julie Jacobson · September 5, 2014 • With DIY home automation sales floundering across-the-board at retail, smart-home hub maker Revolv turns to CEDIA professional installation channel, announcing control of A/V via Global Cache, new dealer programs, distribution through AVAD.

Global Cache Adds 4-input, 4-output Cable to iTach Flex

By Julie Jacobson · January 10, 2014 • At CES 2014, Global Cache was just finalizing plans for the new Link Relay cable for its modular, IP-enabling iTach Flex product line.

App Developer DemoPad Launches first Home Automation Controller

By Julie Jacobson · September 26, 2013 • DemoPad, a popular iOS home automation app for Global Cache hardware, launches its own Centro 8 controller at CEDIA 2013.

5 Unknown Facts About Leading Home Automation Manufacturers

By Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2013 • AMX, Control4, Crestron, Lutron and other leading home automation manufacturers enlighten integrators with obscure, fun and quirky facts about their company.

ISE 2013 Video: Global Cache CTO Demos IP-enabling iTach Flex

By Julie Jacobson · January 29, 2013 • Global Cache’s iTach Flex can IP-enable virtually any controllable device, and at ISE 2013, CTO David Snipp shows the product in action and explains some of the technical nuances.

ISE 2013 Preview: Control4, Partners to Show Home Automation, A/V, KNX, More

By Julie Jacobson · January 28, 2013 • Control4 brings 13 partners to ISE 2013 to show cameras, KNX, sensors, A/V switchers, LED lighting, DVRs, remote monitoring and more devices integrated into a home automation system.

CE Pro Must-See at CES 2013: Global Cache iTach Flex

By Julie Jacobson · January 10, 2013 • iTach Flex lets integrators IP-enable virtually any device in a home automation ecosystem via RS-232, IR, contact closure, and automatically control them with a smart device.

Global Caché Partners with iRidium, iSimplex

By CE Pro Editors · December 19, 2012 • Software developed by iRidium and iSimplex will fully support Global Caché connectivity hardware for IP and Wi-Fi automation control.

Home Automation Brings Dignity, Independence to Residents with ALS

By Julie Jacobson · October 18, 2011 • 'Smart home' technology provides improved quality of life to residents with MS and Lou Gehrig’s disease: controlling lights, thermostats and entertainment.