These 9 ‘Bullet’ Brands Saw Tremendous Growth with CE Pro 100 Integrators in 2018

Companies should look to mirror the growth of companies like Sonos, Sonance, Chief, Screen Innovations and more in this year’s CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis.

These 9 ‘Bullet’ Brands Saw Tremendous Growth with CE Pro 100 Integrators in 2018

Companies earning the distinction of 'Bullet' Brands with the CE Pro 100 integrators in 2018: Sonos, Sonance, Sony, Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen, Chief, Nexus21, iPoint and SnapAV.

As we’ve done in recent years, the 2018 Brand Analysis recognizes companies that have performed well in year-to-year growth statistics. Such vendors are denoted among the charts as Bullet Brands. Here’s a glimpse at some of the beneficiaries of increased support from the CE Pro 100 members to become fast “bullet” risers within their technology categories.

Sonos, Sonance, and Sony 

Growth in wireless audio, architectural loudspeakers and A/V receivers, respectively, help these alliterative perennial category leaders not only stand out again but significantly add to their CE Pro 100 totals. These companies also show strongly in multiple areas (including a couple of video categories for Sony) such as soundbars, outdoor audio, subwoofers and the general loudspeakers category (led by Sonos for the first time).

Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen

SI and Stewart Filmscreen continued their jockeying in recent years for pole position in the projection screen category, and SI finds itself on top this year after adding seven dealers, with home theater interest reemerging thanks to technologies such as 4K and object-based surround sound.


Turnkey software provider iPoint saw significant growth by comparison to the 2017 CE Pro Brand Analysis, where they had just three dealers in the CE Pro 100. iPoint overcame Tigerpaw to take the 5th spot in the Business Management Software category. 


The Charlotte, N.C., company’s name can be found throughout the Brand Analysis thanks to its myriad brands, and two that have surged in respective categories are Wirepath in the network cable and Araknis in home networking with increases of 15 and 18 dealers, respectively, in those categories that represent just how vital and pervasive the home networking category has become.

Chief and Nexus21

The categories of mounts and lifts remain foundational technologies to address customers’ requests in minimizing the impact of displays, in particular, on the aesthetics of their homes. Chief grabbed the leadership spot in the mounts category this year, while Nexus21 doubled its market share to take command of the lifts category.

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