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These 9 ‘Bullet’ Brands Saw Tremendous Growth with CE Pro 100 Integrators in 2018

By CE Pro Editors · June 14, 2018 • Companies should look to mirror the growth of companies like Sonos, Sonance, Chief, Screen Innovations and more in this year's CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis.

Top Brands in TV Lifts and Mounts - CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis

By CE Pro Editors · May 25, 2018 • Nexus21 beats out Future Automation this year to take the motorized lift category, while Chief jumps ahead of SnapAV in A/V mounts.

Nexus 21 Reimagines the Projector Lift with Eclipse Series Drop-Down

By Chelsea Cafiero · September 20, 2017 • Lift and mount manufacturer Nexus 21 breaks into new categories, announces its Eclipse series projector lift, L-50 series and Transcend Pro TV lift at CEDIA 2017.

CE Pro 100 Names Top Lift Brands

By Robert Archer · June 14, 2017 • Future Automation lands in the top spot of the Lifts category by adding 24 dealers. Meanwhile Nexus 21, Chief and Auton hold a strong market presence. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

Motorized TV Lift Doubles as ‘Cool’ HVAC Diffuser

By Advertorial · April 18, 2017 • Integrator creates unique solution using Nexus 21 drop-down motorized TV lift in the ceiling to accommodate 75-inch TV in open-concept Phoenix-area master suite bedroom.

Kasita Packs Big Home-Automation Punch in Itty Bitty Tiny House at SXSW

By Chelsea Cafiero · March 17, 2017 • Kasita combines the tiny house and smart home with RTI control, Lutron lighting, Sonos, Origin Acoustics, DoorBird, Amazon Dot and more at SXSW.

Top New Technology (TNT) Award Winners Presented at ISE 2017

By CE Pro Editors · February 7, 2017 • Top New Technology (TNT) Awards @ ISE recognize new and outstanding products and services being exhibited at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam.

New from Nexus 21: The Most Advanced Pull-Down Mount Available

By Advertorial · December 13, 2016 • Transcend Series’ cutting edge design and technology creates the perfect solution for over-mantle mounting.

Stop Leaving $ on the Table: Ask This ONE Key Question on Every Project

By Advertorial · October 24, 2016 • Customers are often unaware of powered lifts and media concealment devices. What are four key triggers to identify in a home that should spur you to ask about hiding the electronics (and doubling your profit).

11 Product Surprises at CEDIA 2016

By Julie Jacobson · September 6, 2016 • Julie Jacobson teases new products, services and exhibitors at CEDIA 2016.

Now This is How to Inspire Clients to go Motorized

By Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2016 • Nexus 21 video shows a really cool dude with pop-up safes, drop-down TVs and other motorized gadgets.

CE Pro 100 Top Brands: Lifts

By Robert Archer · May 31, 2016 • CE professionals with the highest revenue choose their go-to brands of lifts in the 2016 Brand Analysis series. Auton comes in with the most dealer praise, followed closely by Future Automation, Nexus21 and Chief.

Nexus 21 Reinvents Flip-Down TV Ceiling Mount, Expands Warranty to 10 Years

By CE Pro Editors · February 24, 2016 • The CL-65, along with every other lift system Nexus 21 offers, will now include a 10-year warranty, double what the company previously offered. All Nexus 21 lifts previously sold will retroactively carry the new 10-year warranty as well.

Inside Nexus 21: An Uplifting Experience

By Jason Knott · November 16, 2015 • Motorized TV lift company Nexus 21 uses a refreshing team-building atmosphere to foster camaraderie and generate creativity. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., the manufacturer has implemented a Friday afternoon Happy Hour with food and drinks from a wet bar.

Support. Communication. Margin. The Nexus 21 Recipe for Successful Dealer Relationships

By Advertorial · April 8, 2015 • Nexus 21 Concealment Systems supports its dealers with an updated price structure and new sales tools.

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