Panamax and Furman – Start With Power

Why protection, performance and remote power management should be the foundation of every system.

By definition, integrated systems require a number of separate components assembled together to create an experience. Some of these components are at the front of the experience – such as the display in the theater or the user interface for the automation system – while others operate in the background. Power management is a key technology in every system that does its job generally without the user even knowing it’s there. However, its benefits are enormous; delivering the right power to every component makes a significant impact on system performance.

So start with power. Your clients will thank you. Follow these key determinations to ensure proper power management:

  • How much electrical current will the system consume? This is a dynamic figure, determined by the power consumption spec of your equipment with everything on to avoid circuit breakers tripping when the party is rocking. Make sure the power management component matches the current rating of the circuit – such as the 15-amp M4315-Pro and 20-amp M4320-Pro from Panamax.
  • How many outlets will you need? This is an often overlooked element. If the primary power conditioner or UPS doesn’t have enough outlets, add outlets with a power distribution strip like the Panamax VT-EXT. Plugged into the power conditioner it will pass the protection to all connected devices.
  • What kind of power does each component need? In other words, how can the power be processed to deliver the ideal performance to each piece of equipment? Depending on your needs, you’ll want one or more of the following features:

    • Power protection from spikes and surges. Panamax and Furman technologies like Automatic Voltage Monitoring or Extreme Voltage Shutdown protect from sustained high voltage or low voltage (brownout) conditions.
      • Ideal for: Everything. Anything with a power cord should be protected.
    • AC line filtering reduces AC line noise, which can limit performance of AV devices and cause lockups or unreliable behavior of digital components. Look for a Linear Filter to reduce the noise floor evenly across a wide bandwidth.
      • Ideal for: Everything. Again, anything with a power cord should be provided clean power for optimum performance. And the level of power filtering can be scaled up – high performance AV electronics with wide dynamic range need premium filtration, such as Furman’s Discrete Symmetrically Balanced Power, to work their best.
    • Remote power management allows integrators to remotely reboot problem components to resolve on-site issues without a service call. BlueBOLT™ cloud based technology provides additional features and can be accessed from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world.
      • ​​Ideal for: Network components, controllers, satellite/cable boxes, or any equipment that requires periodic hard reboots.
    • Battery backup keeps critical equipment running through short blackouts so system integrity is not interrupted, and allows equipment to be shut down safely during longer outages. The Panamax MB1500 and Furman F1500 UPS both 1500VA battery backup along with protection and filtration.
      • Ideal for: Network components, controllers, devices with hard drives or flash memory, lamp-based projectors.
    • High-current filtering ensures that high-current electronics are fed clean power without current limiting. AC protection and line filters, by their very nature, raise line impedance, which is not ideal for current-hungry amps and subs. Furman’s Power Factor Technology ensures that such devices are fed a clean, low-impedance power supply, maximizing sonic fidelity, especially on high performance audio systems.
      • Ideal for: Amplifiers and subwoofers.

Think of these technologies as your toolkit, and make sure you are using the right tools for the job. Many systems will require multiple power management devices: it is not uncommon to need a battery backup with remote power management capabilities (such as a Panamax MB1500 with a BlueBOLT-CV1 card) utilized for mission critical components, combined with high performance power conditioner (such as a Furman Elite with Power Factor Technology) for maximum protection and performance of source, amplification, and display equipment. 

If you start with power – the right power – in each of your systems, you will ensure the performance will be at its optimum level – your customer will get the best experience and you’ll see fewer service issues.  Over time this will pay dividends in customer satisfaction – and your bottom line.

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