Built to Integrate…Designed to Stimulate

Stream your favorite music with Integra and Sonos Connect

Built to Integrate…Designed to Stimulate

Custom installers, and those who desire the pinnacle of performance, place Integra a/v receivers and processors at the heart of their home theater. Now Integra components can perfectly integrate into an existing Sonos® Home Sound System, or be the start of a new one. 

Integra network receivers are now officially certified to work with the Sonos platform, earning the Works with Sonos badge. This enables users to seamlessly stream music from their Sonos app to their receiver allowing them to enjoy music anywhere. The receiver can be grouped to other Sonos devices on the network or it can be used independently.

Following a firmware update and simple set up, the compatible Integra component will fit seamlessly into the Sonos ecosystem, and will wake from standby, switch inputs, and commence playback at your desired volume whenever selected from the Sonos app. Just by adding a Sonos Connect, you upgrade the streaming capabilities of your Integra receiver, and thanks to RCA and optical/coaxial digital audio connection options, both setup flexibility and sound quality are outstanding. The Sonos app, meanwhile, gathers all your favorite streaming sources into one convenient interface so you can orchestrate entertainment all over the home.

The Works with Sonos program certifies that the integration meets Sonos high bar for experience, and that products will seamlessly connect with the Sonos Home Sound System. Products featuring Works with Sonos capability will include select Integra network AV and stereo receivers. For a list of specific models please visit www.integrahometheater.com/sonos