11 Outdoor Loudspeakers to Rock Those Summer Parties

With nearly everyone phasing out of quarantine and into a “new normal,” it’s time to look at some outdoor loudspeakers to support those fun summertime activities.

11 Outdoor Loudspeakers to Rock Those Summer Parties

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The transition from spring to summer has taken on an added level of importance here in 2020. Since early to mid-March, America and millions of people across the globe have cocooned in their homes as a result of coronavirus quarantining. 

Finally, as the U.S. entered the long Memorial Day holiday weekend some states started to phase into their respective “new normal” lifestyles. 

Coinciding with the summer months, people will now be returning to work, taking vacations, eating out and everything else that is typically taken for granted as long as social distancing rules are followed. 

A big part of many families’ home activities are cookouts and outdoor activities that could range from whiffle ball and swimming, to mundane, but necessary yard work. 

Stepping up to help facilitate peoples’ at-home summer entertainment, integrators have a growing selection of outdoor AV products that can improve these outdoor activities. 

On the video side of the outdoor AV market there are televisions designed for outdoor applications. These products are sealed to protect their internal components from water, moisture, dust and dirt, and these televisions are also engineered to produce higher brightness levels. 

Additionally, these televisions minimize the reflection of sunlight on the screen in order to maintain picture quality. 

Other outdoor video solutions include screen products that are capable of providing a “drive-in” movie experience on solutions that are also designed to withstand a range of environmental elements. 

Outdoor Loudspeakers Advance Exponentially

Transitioning from outdoor video to outdoor audio, the evolution of outdoor loudspeakers has resulted in an enormous performance leap forward over the past several years. Driving this improvement is the soaring popularity of the outdoor AV market and the growing competition between manufacturers, which has raised the performance level of the entire category. 

Along with increasing consumer knowledge of the smart home and systems that include outdoor AV solutions, the diversity of outdoor loudspeaker products has also grown. 

This diversity enables integrators to address a wider range of installation scenarios without compromising system design and quality.

Highlighting some of the latest product designs the outdoor audio category has to offer are these 11 products from some of audio’s most respected brands:

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