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Cary Audio

$5,495 Cary Audio Phono Preamplifier Boosts Vinyl Performance

By Lisa Montgomery · May 30, 2019 • Cary Audio combines two trending categories—high-end audio processing and vinyl—into one device.

New $5,995 Cary Audio SLI-100 Integrated Amp Delivers 100 Watts Per Channel

By Robert Archer · October 23, 2018 • Utilizing four KT150 output tubes, the $5,995 Cary Audio SLI-100 Integrated Amplifier runs in a push/pull configuration to produce 100 watts of power.

Cary Audio Reference Series Amp Produces Over 50W of Power

By Robert Archer · July 17, 2018 • The $15,995 per pair CAD-805 Reference Series tube amplifiers from Cary Audio target integrators' music-loving clients with Class A monoblock design.

Cary Audio Seeks to Eliminate Maintenance With Its Latest Solid-State Amplifiers

By Robert Archer · April 27, 2018 • The Cary Audio SA-200.2 ES and SA-500 ES amplifiers feature new designs and commitment to performance and reliability.

Cary Audio’s All-in-One-System (AiOS) Is Designed for New Generation of Audiophiles

By Robert Archer · April 10, 2017 • The All-in-One-System (AiOS) from Cary Audio is a contemporary audio solution that allows users to stream their favorite music services, play content from a network, stream Bluetooth and connect legacy devices, including CD players, cable boxes and others.

Cary SI-300.2d Integrated Amp Produces 300 Watts of Class A/B Power

By Robert Archer · July 26, 2016 • The made-in-the-USA integrated amplifier provides a choice of RCA and XLR analog inputs, as well as USB, two coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, and wireless xptX Bluetooth digital audio provisions.

Cary Audio Launches New Gear Trade-In Program

By Robert Archer · April 13, 2016 • Taking a page from the automotive industry, the A/V company is introducing a Certified Pre-Owned Cary Audio equipment program that subjects used Cary Audio components to the same QC processes as its newly manufactured products.

Cary’s Digital Music Center Bridges Digital Audio Formats

By Robert Archer · December 5, 2014 • Cary Audio's latest audio products provide consumers with the ability to play CDs and high-resolution PCM and DSD files.

Cary Audio SL-100 Preamp Features Dual Power Supplies, Includes Input Flexibility

By Robert Archer · June 9, 2014 • The SL-100 preamplifier from Cary Audio combines audiophile attributes such as a dual-mono circuit design and dual power supplies to provide users with a low-noise, solid-state preamplifier that delivers music flexibility.

Hands On: Cary Audio PH302 MKII Phono Preamp

By Robert Archer · June 10, 2013 • The Cary Audio PH302 MKII is a reasonably priced, well-built phono preamp that is versatile and sounds great. Like other analog products, enthusiasts can venture down the upgrade path with their choice of tubes and power cables to tweak the preamp.

Cary Audio Revives ‘Audio Electronics’ Brand

By Robert Archer · September 28, 2012 • The North Carolina-based company's re-launch of its Audio Electronics value product line underscores the audio category’s shift back into mainstream consciousness.

Cary & Meridian Lead a new Wave of Audio Products

By Robert Archer · September 6, 2012 • N.C.-based Cary Audio and the U.K.-based manufacturer Meridian show the custom electronics channel how diverse the audio category has become.

Cary Audio PH 302 MkII MM/MC phono preamplifier

By Robert Archer · July 26, 2012 • Cary Audio has recently introduced its latest phono preamp design with the release of its PH 302 MkII MM/MC Phono Preamplifier.

Audio Electronics Nighthawk headphone amplifier

By Robert Archer · June 15, 2012 • Cary Audio's affordable Audio Electronics brand has recently introduced its new Nighthawk solid-state headphone amp and, the company says the amp can drive headphones with impedances ranging from 20 ohms and 600 ohms.

Cary Audio to Sell Direct to Geographically Remote Consumers

By Jason Knott · April 27, 2012 • Cary Audio is now offering a Direct Sales Program to consumers located more than 100 miles from the nearest authorized dealer.

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