Room EQ vs Room Correction: What’s The Difference & Why Does It Matter?

By Niklas Thorin · July 18, 2019 • With digital audio technologies maturing, Dirac explains how room correction technologies surpass the benefits of equalization.

Acoustic Geometry Packs Tame Residential Acoustical Issues

By Robert Archer · June 28, 2019 • The audio company Acoustic Geometry offers a line of residential and commercial room treatment products that can be used to address acoustical and noise problems in a range of interior environments.

Auralex Acoustic Panels Are Eco-Friendly, Blend Into Interior Spaces

By Robert Archer · February 14, 2019 • Auralex has revised its EcoTech line of acoustical panels, and according to the company, the products provide an effective way to improve speech intelligibility in spaces that range from residential multimedia rooms, to night clubs and recording studios.

TCD Software Primer: Doing the Home-Theater Math

By Julie Jacobson · November 29, 2018 • TCD software does the math and presents the visuals on speaker placement, screen size, projector lens throw, multi-tier seating, acoustic treatments and other home-theater characteristics.

Dirac Live Room Correction Software Easier to Use, Available on More Platforms

By Robert Archer · August 27, 2018 • The newly updated Dirac Live software now provides users regardless of hardware, a better installation experience.

Yes, It Matters How a Wine Room Sounds

By Commercial Integrator · July 27, 2018 • A wine-tasting room has everything to do with the atmosphere, so it was important that Sandhill Winery looked and sounded good with painted Primacoustic acoustical panels.

Auralex SonoLite Minimizes Acoustical Problems in Homes and Offices

By Robert Archer · February 21, 2018 • The Auralex SonoLite SonoKits reduce unwanted reflections, reverberations, and other acoustical challenges in consumer and commercial spaces.

Primacoustic Dealers Profit from Wider Industry Acoustical Treatment Deployment

By Arlen Schweiger · September 19, 2017 • Canadian acoustical treatment provider Primacoustic headed into CEDIA 2017 enjoying revenue and market share growth, and showcased its variety of solutions.

Acoustic Innovations Raises Curtain on 25th Anniversary Curated Theaters

By CE Pro Editors · September 7, 2017 • Home theater specialist Acoustic Innovations will unveil its Curated Theaters at CEDIA 2017, as well as highlight its elegant WallScapes acoustic panels.

Huge Modern Penthouse Is Acoustical Nightmare; Are Line Source Speakers the Solution?

By CE Pro Editors · August 10, 2017 • Case Study: The Golf Loft penthouse in Brussels is a huge, open space with 108 feet of floor-to-ceiling glass walls, which presented acoustical challenges until the integrator turned to line source speakers.

CE Pro 100 Names Top Acoustical Treatment Brands

By Robert Archer · June 1, 2017 • For the second year in a row, SnapAV leads the category followed closely by Kinetics Noise Control, CinemaTech, Auralex and Acoustic Innovations. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

How Auralex Acoustics Grew Out of Need for Better Sound in Radio

By Robert Archer · January 18, 2017 • Happy birthday, Auralex! Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex, celebrates 40 years and talks about the future of the acoustics company.

6 Steps to Isolate Rooms for Sound

By Scott Bourquin · October 26, 2016 • The ‘quietier’ you make a room, the greater impression it gives of quality workmanship. Here are six important steps from studs to insulation to vinyl to sealant … then you measure.

How to Deliver Precision Home Theater Audio Using Room Correction/Calibration

By Advertorial · October 18, 2016 • Executive Q&A with Phase Technology's Ken Hecht explains the how integrators can utilize (and sell) the company's dARTS room correction and calibration process to craft audio for high-caliber entertainment environments for both dedicated home theaters and multipurpose rooms.

CE Pro Video Weekly News: Perfecting the Art of 4K Ultra HD and Home Theater Acoustics

By CE Pro Editors · March 11, 2016 • This week, industry experts weighed in on addressing intricacies of 4K systems and home theater acoustic design.

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