Delos Partners with InstallerNet to Expand Wellness Reach

Announced during IBS, the nationwide service will provide certified technicians to install and support Delos’ DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform.

Delos Partners with InstallerNet to Expand Wellness Reach

The InstallerNet partnership will enable more mass-market reach and nationwide installation capabilities for Delos' DARWIN platform. (Photo courtesy Delos)

Pioneering home wellness company Delos maintains that the “healthy home” should not just be a privilege of luxury homeowners. So while the company has fostered relationships in the CEDIA channel over the past couple of years, it has also looked to expand its scale and potential customer base.

Toward that end, Delos has announced a partnership with InstallerNet, a nationwide provider of installation services for consumer technology, to service homeowners integrating Delos’ DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence network.

“The relationship with InstallerNet will help us scale and enable growth, bringing health and well-being to more people in more places,” says Delos CEO and founder Paul Scialla.

“As we expand delivery of DARWIN from new homes and renovations to existing homes, we are confident in InstallerNet’s experience managing installations at scale and their ability to provide enhanced service to our customers.” 

Moving Beyond Just Custom Channel Integration

The company has made a splash with groups serving the custom integration industry such as HTSA – during the organization’s fall conference last year, for example, Delos chief commercial officer and head of residential business Anthony Antolino participated in a keynote panel on opportunities in wellness.

“In the residential space, we believe as a guiding principle that improving people’s wellness is a right and not a privilege, so we have to be really careful about having products that accommodate all socioeconomic classes,” Antolino told the HTSA dealers last fall. He noted at the time Delos had partnered with builders like KB Home to help roll out the platform on the national front.

The DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence network is designed to enhance human health and well-being by monitoring, calibrating and responding to changing indoor environmental conditions, the company explains. It earned a CE Pro BEST Product Award in the wellness category in 2019. 

Enlisting InstallerNet enables Delos to rapidly expand distribution and provide installation and support at scale, Delos says in the announcement. 

InstallerNet will service the mass market for Delos and provide certified technicians to deliver and install DARWIN, providing a personalized orientation, ensuring the DARWIN elements are connected, registered and activated through the home’s wireless network, according to the announcement.

Meanwhile, in terms of certification for custom integrators, HTSA and Delos partnered on intensive, single-day training courses in New York and Los Angeles offices last year and have had roughly two dozen dealers earn certification.

Mass-Market Service a Fit for Production Builders

“Wellness technology is an emerging growth category and Delos is well-positioned to become the leader,” states Tony Frangiosa, InstallerNet’s president and CEO.

“Our vertically integrated platform technology will be used to simplify the process for homebuilders and their customers.”

InstallerNet recently expanded its reach by partnering with distributor Capitol Sales with some mutually beneficial perks for both InstallerNet and Capitol dealers in terms of sales leads and technology offerings.

DARWIN is available through volume production builders – Antolino had noted last fall that Delos had partnered with KB Home to help roll out the platform, for instance – and Delos made the InstallerNet announcement as the company shows homebuilders its technology this week at the NAHB International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.

It follows Delos’ buzzworthy booth and participation as host of the inaugural Wellness Pavilion at CEDIA Expo last September in Denver, Colo. Integrator attendees could escape the show floor into an environment that included a living plant wall, air purification system, circadian lighting, zero-gravity chair and guided meditation recordings.

At IBS, the company planned to showcase its wellness technologies and solutions across the residential space, with a team of experts running demos of DARWIN, the company said ahead of the show. Visitors can also explore and discuss the latest research on the intersection of health and home environments, Delos said of this week’s booth.

In addition to exhibiting, Delos also participated in the Chowa Concept Home from builder Woodside Homes and Japan-based Sekisui House at IBS. As described by the exhibitors, “Chowa is an ancient Japanese term that represents the spirit of partnership and reflects life-balance, well-being, sustainable value, and connectedness to nature and will spotlight Sekisui House’s core value of ‘love of humanity’ as a strategic platform for an innovative home of the future.”

It’s a natural extension of Delos’ efforts to marry wellness and biophilia design with the builders and integrators who can bring the technology to homeowners.

“I think as more and more innovation comes forward, more and more energy savings, more and more environmental sustainability comes forward … wellness in the homebuilding arena is the next megatrend that homebuilders are focusing on,” Antolino says in a video interview about Chowa.

“Our participation in the Chowa house is a really good exclamation on that point, and I think that’s a good takeaway for homeowners and homebuilders, largely.”