Score Big-Screen Points Outdoors with Stealth Patio Theater System

Trio of Stealth Acoustics’ Patio Theater options receive fit & finish enhancements for 2021 as outdoor AV is poised to stay hot.

Stealth Acoustics' Brian Azzano talks with CE Pro about how the company's Stealth Acoustics’ Patio Theater options and why they fit well for integrators in various outdoor applications.

While the company is perhaps more well known among custom integrators for its invisible loudspeakers, Stealth Acoustics also offers a ready-made outdoor entertainment system that is designed to be anything but invisible.

And even though integrators may be familiar with Stealth Patio Theater (SPT) systems, 2021 is a game changer for the solution, according to Stealth Acoustics vice president Brian Azzano. The Washington state-based company delivered more Patio Theater TVs in 2020 than ever before as the outdoor AV category benefited from a pandemic bump while homeowners expanded usage of key areas of their properties.

This year’s upgraded and expanded product lineup allows homeowners to supercharge their outdoor living spaces, Azzano says. He recently chatted with CE Pro (watch the full conversation in the video above) about how custom integrators can similarly supercharge their outdoor portfolio with a unique solution like the Stealth Patio Theater (learn more here).

“To be honest with you, the conversations about outdoor entertainment solutions never let up,” Azzano says of Stealth’s outdoor AV business over the past year. “Due to the pandemic, obviously we’ve been spending a lot more time at home, and probably in our outdoor spaces more than ever before in our lives.

“It was a pleasant surprise to see the pretty dramatic uptick in sales on the Patio Theater product over the course of this year,” he adds. “Even through the winter months, people were trying to get orders and build slots in place to plan for this spring’s installation so a lot of systems can be in place for this summer.”

The first SPT system launched in 2015 with the core concept of creating a self-contained, daylight-viewable TV system that leverages the latest in LED technology to overcome many of the problems homeowners and integrators face when replicating a theater-like experience outdoors.

Azzano says the SPT display is stunning, even in direct sunlight­ — where traditional weatherized TVs and delicate projectors and screens fall short.

Stealth Patio Theater in Extreme, Transformer & Megalith Options

Today, Azzano explains, there are three distinct SPT systems, each of which has received fit and finish enhancements for 2021:

The original SPT Extreme (104 to 184 inches display) features a vertical lift system ideal for recessing the TV below grade for a pop-up experience. Upgrades include an all-metal structure in eight enamel colors and expanded integrated audio options.

Designed for luxury marine applications, the fold-out SPT Transformer (120 inches) is now available in a selection of yacht-grade gel coat colors and serves as a compact option for any location.

Stealth Acoustics Stealth Patio Theater
Stealth Acoustics offers its Stealth Patio Theater in three sizes/configurations.

SPT Megalith (137 to 274 inches and beyond) is a free-standing or wall-mountable TV that features an improved soundbar design and custom-fabricated support options. 

“The common problem with projection systems outside is what do you do when there’s high ambient light conditions, and you want to watch that September afternoon football game but there’s glare on the screen or washing out,” Azzano says of an installation obstacle the SPT systems help overcome.

“That’s really where the Patio Theater can shine, no pun intended. They’re ultra bright – so if you’re considering having a solution for an outdoor viewing space, LED should be high on the list to consider especially larger-size formats are desired. For the money, a weatherized outdoor TV up to 80 inches will do the job, but any time you want to get over that 80-inch mark over 100-inch mark, LED starts to make a lot more sense.”