Dirac Live Bass Control Now Offered for AVRs

The latest audio system design aid is the second feature offered from the Dirac Live Room Correction calibration tool.


Dirac has announced that Dirac Live Bass Control, the latest feature of Dirac Live, is now available for home theater and audio enthusiasts in a range of models from a series of leading AV receiver (AVR) manufacturers.

Powered by machine learning and AI, Dirac Live Bass Control co-optimizes a system’s subwoofers and speakers to deliver consistent and accurate bass throughout an entire room.

“Speaker and subwoofer sound waves bounce throughout a space and collide with one another to create crossover areas with uneven bass distribution,” says Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s GM of High Performance Audio.

“Dirac Live Bass Control measures and phase corrects both the speakers and subwoofers across all frequencies to produce enhanced bass clarity and improved bass tone evenness throughout the room. It’s a game-changing feature for the home theater industry that’s now available through some of the world’s finest AVRs.”

Dirac Live Bass Control is the second feature offered via the Dirac Live room acoustics product, which also includes the acclaimed Dirac Live Room Correction calibration tool.

Three Levels of Bass Management

The newest feature is available in three tiers: Enabled, for manual single subwoofer management; Limited, for automatic single subwoofer management; and Complete, for AI multi-subwoofer management.

Dirac Live Bass Control aggregates measurement and location data from each subwoofer to determine how a system’s bass is distributed throughout the room, according to the company. It then identifies gaps in the sound waves and distributes bass evenly across the room.

The feature also corrects the low-frequency sound waves produced by the speaker pair, so the bass produced by each speaker is in sync with the system.

The processing enables the subwoofers to be positioned anywhere in the room – wherever most aesthetically pleasing for customers – without sacrificing performance for design, or vice versa, Dirac states.

Dirac says all StormAudio, Bryston and Focal models equipped with Dirac Live Room Correction are now also equipped with Dirac Live Bass Control (Complete), as will soon be true of all JBL Synthesis AVRs.

Arcam’s AVR10, AVR20, AVR30 and AVR40 units, and AudioControl’s Concert XR-4, XR-6, XR-8 and Maestro X7 and X9 will also soon be equipped with Dirac Live Bass Control Complete.