Arcam Launches SA30 Integrated Amplifier With Room Correction Tech

Complete with G Class amplification, Arcam’s new amp features AirPlay 2 compatibility, and Dirac Live room correction technology.

Arcam Launches SA30 Integrated Amplifier With Room Correction Tech

The new SA30 integrated amplifier from Arcam can handle music from a turntable as well as digital audio sources.

Arcam has packed a host of technology into its new SA30 integrated amplifier, which is part of the company’s HDA product range. For starters, the amp boasts G Class amplification. The inclusion of Dirac Live room correction technology helps ensure that SA30 performs optimally in its chosen room environment. Lastly, the amp streams audio via AirPlay 2.

“The SA30 represents the new pinnacle for stereo amplification from Arcam,” says Scott Campbell, director of sales and marketing at Arcam.

“Our hugely talented design team has left nothing on the pitch here. This is Class G technology expertly implemented and teamed with the latest cutting-edge features, including room correction technology, hi-resolution audio support, and custom install provision. I applaud their skills.”

Arcam Amp Supports MQA His-Res Audio Format 

The SA30 offers 120W of power per channel 8 ohms and 220W into 4 ohms. Its five analog inputs include a switchable MM/MC phono input for the integration of a turntable. This is complemented by four digital inputs.

The amp handles hi-res digital audio, as well, with its support of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), as offered by TIDAL Masters, and the SA30’s Roon Endpoint status enables it to receive audio from Roon’s digital music player and library system.

Finally, it is equipped with ESS Technology’s 32-bit supporting high-end ESS Sabre ESS9038 DAC.

Wireless support is thorough, as the SA30 can stream AirPlay 2, uPnP, and Chromecast-enabled equipment, while the HDMI ARC (audio return channel) enables the SR30 to receive an audio feed from a TV. Additionally, the SA30 can be integrated with Control4 and Crestron systems.

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Dirac Live completes the litany of technology built into the SA30 amplifier. This room correction technology software employs a sophisticated analysis of the loudspeakers and the listening room to optimize overall audio performance, removing colorations introduced by the room.

Empowering the end user, the Dirac Live-equipped SA30 enables professional level room correction by clients themselves.

The Arcam SA30 will be available in Fall 2019 with pricing to be announced. 

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