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$299 AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt Enhances the Sound of Smart Devices and Other Gear

By Robert Archer · July 16, 2019 • The reasonably priced AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt can be used with Apple and Android devices, as well as computers to improve the quality of digital audio through its MQA compatibility.

SIMAUDIO Launches New Integrated Amp and Streaming DAC

By Robert Archer · July 3, 2019 • The new SIMAUDIO 700i v2 integrated amp produces 175 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and the 780D v2 streaming DAC is compatible with MQA and DSD files.

Arcam Launches SA30 Integrated Amplifier With Room Correction Tech

By Lisa Montgomery · May 24, 2019 • Complete with G Class amplification, Arcam’s new amp features AirPlay 2 compatibility, and Dirac Live room correction technology.

Hands On: $5,750 BluOS-based DALI CALLISTO System Redefines Wireless

By Robert Archer · December 19, 2018 • The $5,750 DALI CALLISTO 6C wireless audio system incorporates the BluOS operating system and aptX wireless Bluetooth audio connectivity.

Bluesound MQA Live Event Overcomes Network Glitches

By Jason Knott · October 11, 2018 • Jazz artist Zara McFarlane's live London performance is MQA Live streamed using Bluesound Node 2i to an audience at Gilmore’s Sound Advice in NYC.

Mark Levinson 5000 Series Amplifiers Pair Modern Features With Class A/B Amplification

By Robert Archer · October 8, 2018 • The new Mark Levinson 5000 Series Integrated Amplifiers offer a choice of the No.5802 and No. 5805 products, which cost $7,000 and $8,500 each respectively.

Can Millennials Distinguish Between High-Res MQA Audio and Apple Music Streaming?

By Robert Archer · August 9, 2018 • Comparing streaming content from Apple Music and MQA high-resolution audio from TIDAL, CE Pro’s Millennial panel overwhelmingly preferred MQA high-resolution audio.

The State of Whole-House Audio in the Smart-Home Channel

By Robert Archer · August 6, 2018 • Today’s whole-house audio systems like industry leader Sonos offer a better selection of technologies, price points and control options, which are helping to drive mass-market adoption.

The Doors ‘Waiting For The Sun’ 50th-Anniversary Release Available in Digital MQA

By Robert Archer · July 2, 2018 • The Doors are set to release a 50th anniversary version of its Waiting For The Sun album with two CDs, a 180-gram LP, and MQA high-resolution audio options.

Consumer Audio Needs a ‘Shot of Youth’: Lessons from Millennial Marketers

By Robert Archer · March 1, 2018 • With Baby Boomers re-prioritizing their spending, the high-performance audio industry needs to appeal to younger audiences. Millennials (and the young-at-heart) who market high-quality music systems share their experiences and advice.

Hands On Review: Meridian 258 Eight-Channel Amplifier and 218 Zone Controller

By Robert Archer · October 9, 2017 • Meridian establishes a leadership position in the whole-house, multiroom audio market with its new 258 Eight-Channel Amplifier and 218 Zone Controller. CE Pro gets a hands-on look at both.

MQA Forms Alliance with Streaming Service Deezer

By Robert Archer · September 6, 2017 • Alliance between MQA and Deezer will enable products from Bluesound, LG, Onkyo, MOON by Simaudio and Sony to playback streaming MQA high-resolution audio from Deezer.

Hi-Res Audio vs. Hi-Res Music: What’s the Difference?

By Jason Knott · September 1, 2017 • Two different designations 'Hi Res Audio' and 'Hi Res Music' have emerged from separate groups with distinct sampling and bit rates. BluOS aims to clarify at CEDIA 2017.

Meridian’s Compact 251 Powered Zone Controller for Hi-Res Audio Is Only $1,500

By Chelsea Cafiero · August 8, 2017 • The compact 251 Powered Zone Controller from Meridian supports high-resolution audio and MQA in a passive speaker 2.0 system, passive soundbar 2.1 system or multi-room passive system.

Black Sabbath Box Set Includes MQA Digital Audio

By Robert Archer · June 23, 2017 • As part of an eight record limited edition box set, Black Sabbath is including a crucifix-shaped USB drive that features the classic Sabbath records in the MQA format.

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