How Stealth Acoustics Enables No-Compromise ‘Invisible’ Home Theater Audio Installs

Stealth LRX (LineaResponseX) Series speakers can help dealers earn style points with designers and sound quality praise with customers.

Stealth Acoustics vice president Brian Azzano discusses how Stealth LRX (LineaResponseX) Series truly invisible speakers can help dealers earn style points with designers and sound quality praise with customers.

For demanding audiophile customers who seek impeccable audio performance yet desire the aesthetic benefits that only true invisibility can offer, Stealth Acoustics’ eighth-generation LineaResponseX (LRX) Series invisible speakers offer the best-of-both-worlds solution.

Enhanced driver sets, mechanically tuned diaphragms, and FidelityGlass Advanced lamination processes help the LRX models deliver best-in-class performance among the invisible speaker market, Stealth Acoustics vice president Brian Azzano explains.

Thanks to that advanced design and sound quality, he adds, LRX Series speakers are ideal for home theater traditional surround sound and Dolby Atmos immersive systems as well as stereo listening and media rooms.

“AV integrators love Stealth’s LRX speakers because the impressive power handling and 170-degree field of dispersion allows them to easily integrate into any top-tier project,” Azzano comments.

“Designers love LRX speakers because their completely invisible nature won’t interfere with the flow and style of a room. Homeowners love LRX speakers because they just sound great!”

At the core of each LineaResponseX speaker is the FidelityGlass Advanced laminated radiating diaphragm which is driven by high- and mid- frequency motors along with true cone woofers to generate smooth, full range sound without any visible speaker grilles, Azzano says.

Stealth LRX Speakers Bridge Gap Between Aesthetics & Audio Quality

LRX speakers are installed directly into a wall or ceiling in a process similar to installing a drywall patch. Standard wall finishing techniques are all that is necessary to render the speakers completely invisible.

On-site finishing options from Stealth Acoustics include latex paint, light wallpaper, fabrics and selected texture coats, Azzano says.

These days, that’s an important piece to the audio puzzle and one in which Stealth invisible loudspeaker products can assist dealers who work with other influencers on a project.

“Any project I think benefits from a well thought-out design. Many of our top-tier integrators are working on high-end, luxury residential projects where working with an interior designer is expected, and working with them to overcome finishing challenges and being able to achieve their aesthetic in these spaces yet still maintain a no-compromise audio or video setup inside the home is paramount,” he says.

“So Stealth’s mission over all these years [since the company’s founding 20+ years ago] has always been to bridge the gap between the designer’s eyes and the audiophile’s ears.”

One installed, LineaResponseX invisible speakers are designed to achieve a lifetime of maintenance-free use, Azzano says. Built-in circuitry prevents excessive input from an amplifier from damaging the speakers, helping to protect your customer’s investment and creating peace of mind, he adds.