Home Theater Manufacturers Begin to Support High-End ‘Screening Rooms’

Screening rooms have become the latest trend in home theater and major companies like Sony, Barco, and Meyer Sound have started to design products specifically with these rooms in mind.


One aspect of home theater that has evolved over the years is the advent of home screening rooms, which takes the concept of home theater and builds upon them through the use of Hollywood-level professional components and design elements.

Manufacturers supporting screening rooms include Sony, Barco, Meyer Sound, Stewart Filmscreen and L-Acoustics, to name a few.

“From the start of Barco Residential we have offered what we call our Cinema-At-Home series projectors, which are based on our professional cinema technology platforms, precisely because we wanted to bring this level of performance to the high-end residential market,” notes Tim Sinnaeve, managing director, high end residential, Barco.

“[These products] were built from our professional cinema and dedicated post-production technology platforms to further optimize performance to match and exceed the performance requirements of not only professional premium exhibition, but also the most demanding professionals at post-production facilities where our clients’ favorite movies are graded.”

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On the audio side, pro companies such as Meyer Sound are bringing product lines like its Bluehorn series into the residential market with the validation of those who employ such monitors in the Hollywood production world.

“This is a loudspeaker that is ideal for people doing music for film because it behaves in the room like a cinema loudspeaker,” says film composer John Powell, who has worked with Meyer Sound’s Bluehorn line.

“It gives us projection like we would hear on the dub stage, yet it also has that extra layer of audiophile quality. Bluehorn lets us hear deeper into the music and resolve problems right away, knowing that even the dub stage might not o# er that level of accuracy. It’s the best of both worlds really.”