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Pro Audio Technology

Pro Audio Technology Explains the Science Behind the Use of Multiple Subwoofers

By Advertorial · May 30, 2018 • Using multiple subwoofers is a proven way to deal with small-room acoustical issues, and to augment the performance of immersive audio systems.

16 Immersive Audio Products for Great-Sounding Home Theaters

By Robert Archer · December 13, 2017 • Now that we have at least three good immersive audio platforms -- Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D -- there's no excuse for a good home theater to skip object-oriented sound. Here are 16 components to choose from.

Bob Archer’s ‘Best of CEDIA’ Product Picks for 2017

By Robert Archer · September 12, 2017 • New products from Sony, Origin Acoustics, Triad, Dish and Just Add Power highlight the gear shown at CEDIA 2017.

Pro Audio Technology: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Applies to Audio Too

By Advertorial · July 24, 2017 • Can you say high dynamic range or HDR when it comes to audio? High-performance audio company Pro Audio Technology (PRO) says yes.

3 Immersive Audio Demo Tips for Dealers

By Paul Hales · June 26, 2017 • As immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D come to home theater, dealers should be prepared to demo the new formats to customers.

Pro Audio Delivers Big Sound from Small SCRS-6c-iw Loudspeaker

By Robert Archer · November 8, 2016 • Pro Audio Technology's SCRS-6c-iw is an 8-inch square speaker with a 93dB sensitive woofer and 103dB sensitive compression driver. It's a small build with big sound.

Home Theater Demo Guide: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D

By Paul Hales · October 3, 2016 • The demo remains the best way to show clients the advantages of a home theater. Pro Audio Technology's Paul Hales discusses how he demonstrates home theater using object-based surround sound.

What Dealers Say about CEDIA 2016: Bose Surprises, Sony Wows, Denver Wanted

By Julie Jacobson · September 21, 2016 • Dealers universally embraced Sony, Bose and Riva surprised with strong home theater demos from little speakers, and Crestron gets mixed reviews on Sonos implementation at CEDIA 2016.

Turbo-Charged Home Theater Features Panoramic Visuals and Auro 3D Sound

By Krissy Rushing · August 21, 2016 • Home of the Year Gold Winner for Home Theater over $150,000. Torus Power backs up a high-performance, soundproof home theater complete with Auro-3D sound, Crestron control and Pro Audio Technology speakers.

Cozy Smart Home Features Snow Melting System and Automated Fireplace

By Lisa Montgomery · August 21, 2016 • Home of the Year Gold Winner for Smart Home over $150,000. Multiscreen sports viewing, snow melting system and 96 window shades prep 8,000-square-foot mountain home for family retreats with a touch of a button.

PRO Audio Teams with Trinnov Audio to Demo Dolby Atmos at PRO Experience Center

By Robert Archer · April 15, 2016 • PRO Audio Technology has remodeled its Experience Center, which is located in Lake Forest, Calif., and to celebrate the upgraded facility it is hosting system demonstrations and a cocktail event on April 20.

How $200K Showroom Helps Seal the Sales Deal

By Erin Harrington · July 6, 2015 • Northern Virginia-based Encore Custom Audio/Video recently added the cachet of being named CEA’s Integrator of the Year and the sales clout of a new 4,500-square-foot showroom, which has increased revenue.

13 Subwoofer Demos That Rock the House

By Robert Archer · March 11, 2015 • When the public thinks of home theater, they envision enveloping sound that includes deep bass. Here are subwoofer demo recommendations that live up to the public’s expectations.

Sapphire Marketing Brings Latest from Crestron, Digital Projection, Pro Audio Technology to Boston

By Robert Archer · March 4, 2015 • The N.J. rep firm Sapphire Marketing brought its annual road show to Boston to show area dealers its brands newest products.

The Ins and Outs of Acoustically Transparent Screens

By Robert Archer · November 26, 2014 • Discover how screen and speaker companies are working together to solve some of the sound quality problems associated with acoustically transparent screens.

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