Ultra-Secure, Highly Personalized Estate Project Wins Home of the Year Award

A plan long in the making, The Premier Group finally flexes its integration muscle with extensive Crestron Home project, iron-clad security, augmented AV and much more in 16,000-square-foot home. 

Ultra-Secure, Highly Personalized Estate Project Wins Home of the Year Award

This massive 16,000-square foot property uses AV technology from many of the leading brands in the industry, including Crestron, Sonance, Screen Innovations, and many more. 

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They say good things come to those who wait. The integration team at The Premier Group can attest to that as they finally put an extensive systems integration plan in motion that was many years in the making. As is the case with most large multimillion-dollar-plus estates, security was a top priority for this family.   

The home, situated on a three-acre peninsula and spanning over 16,000 square feet, is protected by a robust commercial-grade burglar alarm system combined with a vast array of fixed and varifocal surveillance cameras to cover every inch of the property, along with an access control solution based on biometric readers and keypads. There’s even special coded access to a package delivery closet.  

Equipment List:

Multiple different TV mount manufacturers were specified for the project, allowing integrators to mix and match the needs for each room. In this case, the team opted for a mount that swivels, giving guests in the dining room and kitchen a perfect view of the action on-screen. 

Certainly, 24 zones of Crestron distributed AV is impressive, but the level of personalization that went into the AV design is what makes this application unique. Sharing sources doesn’t happen here. Instead, The Premier Group provided each of the six family members his or her own private AV system sources. Dad uses his own customized smartphone app to summon content from his own suite of AV components. Ditto for Mom and each of the kids.  

Equally as simple and straightforward is the control system and user interface that governs the estate. Unified under the Crestron Home platform, in addition to security and AV, are 300 centralized Crestron lighting loads, 90 Horizon keypads, 88 Crestron motorized shades, 10 Screen Innovations motorized insect screens, 13 forced air and 17 radiant heat zones, and a snow melting system for the driveway, among other subsystems. It’s all anchored by a Pakedge enterprise-grade wired network with Ruckus Wi-Fi.  

The installation is so impressive that The Premier Group recently won a silver CE Pro Home of the Year Award for the Best Whole-House Smart Home Over $1M.

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