Video Weekly: Sonos Creates Official API for Integration; What Integrators Need to Know

What does the news of Sonos’ official integration with third-party home control systems mean for integrators currently installing Crestron, Control4 or Lutron … or an unsanctioned, reverse-engineered third-party system?


Earlier this week, Sonos created an official API for third-party integration with home control systems. Specifically, those of its first partners: Control4, Crestron, Deutsche Telekom’s QIVICON, iPort, Lutron and Savant.

That's when the questions started coming in. 

Will the official driver be at CEDIA? (Yes.)

Does this mean that Sonos will in essence “block” other systems, which have been integrating with Sonos for a better part of the last decade? (No.)

And if the API provides less than what third-party vendors are reverse-engineering, and Sonos doesn’t plan to shut off unsanctioned integrations, does it make sense to “partner” with Sonos for proper integration? (Yes. Think: future-proofing.)

For more (detailed) answers, watch the video above or check out Julie Jacobson's in-depth article here.