CEDIA Expo Preview: Cleerline Ups Its Fiber Game with AOC, Rugged Micro Cables

Cleerline’s Rick Sant spoke with CE Pro about the company’s latest products coming to CEDIA Expo 2019 including new HDMI AOCs, rugged cables and more.


Fiber is not the future… fiber is now.

That is the message from Cleerline Technology Group as the company prepares for the upcoming CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver, Colo., with a new booth and several new products for integrators.

“Fiber is needed now for 4K to transmit at 18Gbps. It is not just about what is coming, meaning 8K in the future,” says Rick Sant, managing partner at Cleerline. “For networks, for video transmission and for basically what has become all signal transmission, fiber is the medium integrators need to be installing to have this connectivity.”

According to Sant, Cleerline Technology Group constantly strives to improve all forms of fiber-optic technology, from the glass to the tools and accessories that are utilized in the process of termination. Our SSF stronger, safer, faster-to-terminate fiber-optic glass is “fiber optics redefined.”

“Many dealers are just now beginning to work with fiber, and we can make it simple to specify, install, and terminate cabling for any project. Fiber is the best solution to deliver bandwidth-hungry signals such as 4K UHD and the upcoming 8K UHD standard,” he notes. 

At CEDIA Expo, Cleerline will showcase its recently added Rugged Micro Distribution cable. Rugged Micro is a very durable cable for applications in harsh environments. It has most of the features of our direct-burial armored cables, but lacks the metal tube inside.

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In addition to its bulk fiber optic cables, Cleerline is releasing its new line of HDMI AOCs (Active Optical Cables) constructed using SSF fiber. These new cables provide full 4K60 transmission and feature the latest chipsets. With SSF fiber inside, when 8K rolls out, integrators can remove the HDMI cable heads and re-terminate the fibers inside to deliver the needed signal over a future 8K balun, says Sant. 

The company also has quick-and-easy instructions and instructional videos that allow both first-time users and experienced installers to implement fiber into any project.

All of this will be showcased in a brand new booth for Cleerline, which has exhibited at CEDIA Expo in the past but in a shared space.

“This is our first CEDIA Expo exhibiting in our new tradeshow booth. Cleerline has matured and our new booth allows for a more complete display of products and items Cleerline offers to the CEDIA channel,” says Sant. 

Also at CEDIA Expo, Cleerline’s product is being utilized in the fiber-optic termination portion of the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Advanced Level III training.

“As certified ISF installers are always looking to deliver the best signals with the highest bandwidth possible for video reproduction, sending those signals over fiber is a must,” says Sant. 

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