8 Chart Topping Brands Receive Accolades from CE Pro 100 Year After Year

A decade of data collected by the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis reveals the most well-respected brands in their fields, including Lutron, D-Tools and IC Realtime.


Popularity can be a fleeting moment. Music is a great example of how one-hit wonders can rule the charts for an instant and then see their follow-up records tank and be all but forgotten.

The electronics industry is also subject to the ebb and flow of consumer preference. Recent examples like 3D video serve as good reminders that the electronics industry can be nearly as fickle as music.

Just like those iconic bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, the electronics industry has its own icons that stay at the top of the charts through the years.

We compared the past five years' worth of data from the CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis to find the industry's chart toppers — those brands that consistently show a level of dominance in the field and support from its customer base of top integrators on the CE Pro 100 list. 

Here are eight companies that have more “hits” than Lennon, Jagger and Richards combined.

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