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Wolf Cinema

Wolf Cinema 4K Projector Produces 2,900 ANSI Lumens

By Robert Archer · May 21, 2018 • The Wolf Cinema 4K PRO-817 Projector provides integrators with a step-up $9,995 projector that employs a DLP chipset and a laser-phosphor light engine.

Smart-Home ‘Mess’ Gutted and Replaced with Savant Whole-House Automation

By Lisa Montgomery · August 28, 2017 • Talk about a smart-home rescue mission. This dysfunctional system was completely overhauled and replaced with Savant automation, Lutron lighting control, Sonance and Sunfire speakers, and a Stewart Filmscreen and Dolby Atmos home theater.

Why Was True Home Theater ‘Missing’ at CES?

By Jason Knott · January 11, 2017 • Four companies — AudioControl, Wolf Cinema, James and Vutec — combined for $196,000 home theater demo at CES 2017. Other home theaters were noticeably missing.

Wolf Cinema to Demo TXF Theater Extreme 4K Projector Series at CES

By CE Pro Editors · January 2, 2017 • The Wolf Cinema TXF Theater Extreme 4K series provides for improved performance in the affordable home cinema projection class, while adding a new high-output flagship 4K laser/phosphor three-chip D-ILA home theater edition.

Wolf Cinema Launches Pro and Commercial Division

By Robert Archer · July 29, 2015 • The Berkeley, Calif.-based video company has announced its entry into the pro and commercial video market.

Wolf Cinema SDC-8, SDC-12 3D Projectors Support 2D/3D Content

By Rachel Cericola · January 7, 2013 • Wolf Cinema's Graywolf line includes the SDC-8 three-chip D-ILA projector and SDC-12 adds 4K projector. Both projectors are designed for screens up to 11-feet wide and is compatible with 2D and 3D content.

Wolf Cinema REF-700 & REF-1000 3D Projectors

By Robert Archer · May 16, 2012 • Wolf Cinema has introduced two flagship home theater projectors that are engineered to provide the highest quality 2D and 3D images in the residential market.

Fine Sounds Acquires U.S. Distribution Company SUMIKO

By CE Pro Editors · July 5, 2011 • Already owners of Sonus faber, Audio Research and Wadia, the Italian-based holding company Fine Sounds has acquired the A/V distributor SUMIKO. The previous owners will retain the REL and Wolf Cinema brands.

Wolf Cinema SDC-15 projector

By Robert Archer · June 13, 2011 • Using JVC's D-ILA technology's the company's latest product enables dealers to set their clients up with a modern video solution that's capable of delivering a 3D experience.

GUNNAR Optiks passive 3D glasses

By Robert Archer · December 3, 2010 • High-performance video companies like SIM2, Wolf Cinema and Runco have all chosen to employ passive 3D technologies with their respective 3D video system solutions. GUNNAR's line of 3D eye wear includes both circular and linear passive technologies to allow custom installers to consult with their respective brand partners and match up a GUNNAR product.

Wolf Cinema Fueling A/V Rejuvenation

By Robert Archer · April 14, 2010 • Sumiko’s new video brand is touring the U.S. demonstrating to CE pros how its product line can help installers interested bolstering their revenues through home theater sales.

Wolf Cinema DCL-200FD LED projector

By Robert Archer · April 12, 2010 • Sumiko's Wolf Cinema video brand has introduced its new LED-based DCL-200FD projector, which is bolstered by the company's fixed-lens 2.35:1 VariScope CinemaScope option and 27-month extended parts and labor warranty coverage.