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Thorens Reel-to-Reel Tape Machine Leverages Public Interest in Vintage Audio Gear

By Robert Archer · April 22, 2019 • The new Thorens TM 1600 reel-to-reel tape machine provides a component integrators can use to meet the growing demand for legacy audio formats.

American Audio & Video Introduces $650 and $900 Thorens Turntables

By Robert Archer · November 12, 2018 • Now available from its American distributor, the new Thorens TD 201 and TD 202 turntables from American Audio & Video ship preconfigured with cartridges

CE Pro Millennial Blind Music Challenge: CD vs. Vinyl

By Robert Archer · April 10, 2018 • A blind listening test reveals how Millennial consumers view older, physical audio formats and how these formats fit into today’s streaming audio world.

CE Pro 100 Names Top Turntable Brands

By Robert Archer · June 3, 2017 • Pro-Ject makes a big move into the top spot by more than doubling its numbers, tied with Thorens and followed by Marantz, McIntosh and Denon. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

2015 CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis: Top Turntables

By Robert Archer · June 3, 2015 • McIntosh, Denon lead the way in the most used turntable brands in the 2015 CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis.

Hands On: Thorens TD-170 EV Turntable

By Robert Archer · July 7, 2011 • Thorens' TD-170 EV Turntable provides an affordable, almost plug-and-play alternative to CD players.

Thorens TD170 EV fully automatic turntable

By Robert Archer · January 6, 2011 • The German company's all-inclusive, step-up vinyl machine enables installers deliver analog-quality sound in a package that easily integrates into a modern home theater and two-channel system.