New Home Sales Increase 1.5%, NAHB Optimistic for 2019

By CE Pro Editors · March 6, 2019 • After a dip in November, new home sales ended 2018 trending upwards, with growth expected to continue into the early months of 2019.

Housing Starts Dip in September With Multifamily Starts Down 15.2%

By CE Pro Editors · October 25, 2018 • The latest government data shows a housing market waylaid by a critical shortage of properties for sale, higher home prices and rising mortgage rates.

NAHB Report: Housing Starts Reach Post-Recession High

By CE Pro Editors · June 21, 2018 • According to the National Association of Home Builders, housing starts have reached a post-recession high, with starts increasing 5 percent in May.

NAHB Forecast: Home Starts up 5% in 2018, Bolstered by ‘Political Climate’

By Jason Knott · January 26, 2018 • NAHB forecasts single-family home starts will up 5% in 2018, thanks in part to 'pro-business sentiment in Washington', but MDU starts will fall.

Home Builders, Lighting Control Industry Beg: No More AFCI Mandates!

By Julie Jacobson · December 21, 2017 • More arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) in homes have been proposed for NEC 2020, but the NAHB argues it won't improve safety, and home-tech integrators bemoan dimming issues and nuisance trips.

CE Pro’s 2017 State of the Industry Report

By CE Pro Editors · January 13, 2017 • After a strong 2016 with 8.1% average growth, integrators look to keep momentum going for 2017. Now if only they can find technicians to hire.

Report: New Home Construction Reaches 9-Year High

By Chelsea Cafiero · November 23, 2016 • Good news for CE pros, especially those working in MDUs: single-family home construction is up 10.7% and multifamily home building is up 68.8%.

5 Things Millennials Will Want to See in Single-Family Homes

By Chuck Schneider · October 20, 2016 • When Millennials do finally move out of their Mom's basement or their rented apartment in Williamsburg, they're going to be looking for certain amenities in their new homes.

US House of Reps Aims to Delay Overtime Law; Lawsuit Filed by NAHB

By Jason Knott · October 3, 2016 • Starting Dec. 1, 2016, integrators must pay overtime to any worker earning less than $47,476 annually, more than double the previous threshold. NAHB lawsuit aims to stop the law from being enacted while pushing for a gradual increase in the limit.

Percentage of New Homes with Lighting Control Doubles Over 2 Years

By Jason Knott · May 3, 2016 • New data from joint CTA/NAHB study reveals the percentage of builders offering lighting control (68%) continues to rise, while the penetration rate for lighting control hits an all-time high at 11% of new homes, twice the rate of two years ago.

NAHB Forecasts 13% Rise in Housing Starts for 2016

By Jason Knott · January 20, 2016 • For 2016, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is predicting that housing starts will hit 1.26 million units, with single-family starts hitting 840,000, up 18%. Multidwelling units (MDU) are expected to increase 5% to 417,000 starts. Mortgage rates will continue to stay low. Only oil-producing states like Louisiana, Texas, Wyoming and South Dakota are expected to have muted growth.

CE Pro 2016 State of the Industry: Research on Home Technology Integrators

By Jason Knott · January 19, 2016 • CE Pro research on the home technology channel shows integrators posted solid 9.1% revenue growth, with a strong increase in the number of projects and revenue per job.

NAHB Predicts 26% Single-Family Housing Growth for 2015

By Jason Knott · November 3, 2014 • New single-family home construction sees a 6% climb in 2014, but is poised to grow 26% to 802,000 units in 2015, says the NAHB. A second economist sees potentially 56% growth in new single-family housing starts next year.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a New Home?

By Jason Knott · April 8, 2014 • New NAHB study offers a deep glimpse into builders' collective wallets and balance sheets with the specific costs to construct a new home (62% of sales price) and average profit (9.3%). But sadly, there are no details on low-voltage.

Sales of New Luxury Homes Jump 33% in August

By Jason Knott · September 27, 2012 • U.S. Census Bureau housing data shows sales of $400K+ homes represented a 21% of all sales in August 2012, up a whopping 33% over the previous month.

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