SnapAV Offers HDMI Video Distribution Solution to Fit Any Job

HDMI video distribution over IP through SnapAV’s Binary MoIP system is designed to handle any TV, any source, any size of job.


Do you really ever know exactly how many displays, what types of displays, and the number and types of sources you’ll be integrating on a job? The video part of a smart home installation is often in flux, as customers add, modify and simply change their minds on the precise arrangement and configuration. That’s not even taking into consideration what can happen post-installation as new video gear hits the market.

Ready to handle “countless sources and countless displays,” including 4K equipment, is the 900 Series Media over IP (MoIP) system, a product showcased during CEDIA Expo 2018 by Binary at the SnapAV booth. 

“It is poised to change the way you integrate and install video in a home,” says SnapAV senior director of media distribution Brian Holden.

Unlike matrix switchers that have a set number of inputs and outputs, the MoIP can be scaled to any project.

“From basic 6×8 configuration to video walls and systems with dozens of endpoints and sources, the MoIP lets you deliver an expandable future-ready solution.”

It requires only the addition of a Layer 2 PoE switch.

Binary's Standout Software 

Comprising the system are three parts: a transmitter, receiver, and controller. A focused lineup like this alone removes some of the complexities of setting up a video distribution system. 

What really makes Binary’s 900 Series MoIP stand out is the software behind the hardware.

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Integrators can use SnapAV’s OvrC remote management platform to configure the system. It auto-discovers the MoIP controller and provides troubleshooting tools that can be used remotely even after the initial installation is complete.

Quality of the video is preserved, as MoIP encodes the best video possible and then downscales it at the displays to support a combination of 4K, 4KHDR, and 1080p displays.

As an added perk, MoIP includes drivers for Control4, Crestron, Elan, URC, RTI, and others.

This product “will open the door for a lot of dealers to confidently make the move to IP; they can go from power to picture in 5 minutes or less,” Holden adds.

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