SnapAV Now Sells Nest and Google Smart Home and Pro-Monitored Security Systems

SnapAV is offering full range of Google/Nest smart-home products, including cameras, thermostats, video doorbells, Thread/Weave Yale locks, Nest Secure pro-monitored alarm systems, and Google Home IoT hubs.

SnapAV Now Sells Nest and Google Smart Home and Pro-Monitored Security Systems

SnapAV now carries Google and Nest smart-home products including Nest Secure, a professionally monitored security systems.

SnapAV has announced a “partnership” with Nest Pro, the program that provides home-technology specialists with access to, discounts on, and support for smart-home and security systems from Nest and its sister company Google.

SnapAV will carry the full range of connected products from the sister companies, from thermostats to monitored alarm systems to Google Home voice assistants (listed below).

Don't read too much into the “partnership,” I'm told. There is no special technology relationship such as SnapAV has with Lutron, for example, and no specific plans for tying Google and Nest into SnapAV's OvrC remote systems management platform.

SnapAV dealers already sell Nest and Google products. They might as well buy from SnapAV and collect points towards the supplier's Partner Rewards program.

“Dealers and customers alike have been asking for Nest by name,” says Andras Balassy, SnapAV Product panager for Distributed Products. 

SnapAV executives told CE Pro last week that 5 to 10 percent of its revenues come from sales of third-party products through the company's One-Stop program. Atlona, BenQ, Lutron, Pioneer, SureCall and URC all sell through this program. 

SnapAV is probably the last home-tech supplier to carry Google and Nest. The two brick-and-mortar distributors acquired by SnapAV this year — Allnet and Volutone — already carry the lines.

The most interesting element of the new vendor agreement is the addition of Nest Secure to the SnapAV line card. It will be SnapAV's first foray into professionally monitored alarm systems since a long-ago deal with start-up Sequel Techologies.

Nest provides no revenue-sharing opportunities for monitored security.

Also, the new brands boost SnapAV's home-automation portfolio, which has been slow-growing. Previously, SnapAV carried only Lutron (OvrC-enabled RadioRa 2 Select) and URC.

Nest and Google at SnapAV

Here are the new smart-home products on the SnapAV roster:

  • Nest learning thermostats and sensors
  • Nest Protect smoke alarms
  • Nest Hello video doorbell
  • Nest indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Nest Secure alarm system and sensors
  • Nest x Yale smart door locks with Thread/Weave technology for integrating with other Nest products (and Nest products only … today)
  • Google Home voice assistants, including the new Google Home Hub touchscreen 
  • Google Chromecast

Both Nest (Pro) and Google Home have been strong advocates and supporters of the home-tech channel over the years.