Savant Shows HomeKit-Compatible Smart Circuit Breakers, Circadian Lighting

Home automation company shows HomeKit-enabled circuit breakers, smart bulbs, DMX LED lighting strips, human-centered lighting at Lightfair 2019.

Savant Shows HomeKit-Compatible Smart Circuit Breakers, Circadian Lighting

Savant intros complete lighting-control ecosystem for HomeKit and Siri, including smart circuit breakers.

Home-automation firm Savant announced at Lightfair 2019 this week a full line of HomeKit-compatible lighting controls and smart devices, including what appears to be the first smart circuit breakers that work with the Apple smart-home standard.

The HomeKit-compatible “Breaker Companion Modules”  were designed in partnership with Savant’s sister company Racepoint Energy. The modules are available for dimming lighting loads remotely and controlling other connected devices.

In addition to the circuit breakers, the full line of Savant’s smart-lighting products will enjoy HomeKit compatibility. That includes Savant Smart Bulbs (Bluetooth), DMX LED Light Strips, DMX and 0-10V light fixtures. In addition, Savant makes DMX and 0-10V controllers that can HomeKit-enable third-party fixtures.

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Through Savant’s partnership with USAI Lighting, human-centered lighting (HCL) can be enabled through HomeKit, allowing users to tune lights to the optimal intensity and color temperature to support natural circadian rhythms.

Savant offers a default circadian mode to automatically simulate natural daylighting in a single room or the whole house.

Savant's (Most) Flexible Lighting-Control Ecosystem

With HomeKit compatibility, users will be able to operate a complete lighting-control system with a wide variety of loads via Siri or the HomeKit app – something no other company is doing today.

Of course, users can also control the loads through Savant’s own app, whether the full-blown home-automation platform or standalone TrueImage Lighting App.

The breadth and richness of options for the Savant lighting ecosystem is a big, big deal. Watch for our feature story ….


Savant Unveils Apple HomeKit Compatibility at the 2019 LIGHTFAIR tradeshow in Philadelphia

HYANNIS, MASS. May 21st, 2019 — Savant, a leader in smart home technology, will showcase a first wave of products that are compatible with Apple HomeKit. Savant will be the first to control breakers via HomeKit using Savant’s Circuit Breaker Companion Modules for Lighting and Energy. Savant’s entire lighting lineup is also HomeKit capable including Savant Smart Bulbs, DMX LED Light Strips, DMX and 0-10V light fixtures and any third party fixture connected to Savant’s DMX or 0-10V controllers. Savant lighting products deliver human centric lighting with tunable white and WRGB full color spectrum dimming coupled with multiple keypad styles and button configurations to suit any imaginable application.

With Apple HomeKit compatibility, homeowners will be able to control these products with Savant’s suite of apps, including Savant’s standalone TrueImage Lighting app, as well as with the Apple Home App. Apple HomeKit will allow for end users to group lights and other HomeKit-enabled devices via the iOS Home App, turning on/off, dimming or recalling pre-set scenes using Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or HomePod.

Savant TrueImage Meets Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit integration is easy; simply connect to any of Savant’s HomeKit-compatible lighting solutions via Savant’s Lighting TrueImage app and once on-boarded, they can also be controlled using Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or HomePod.

Revolutionary Circuit Breaker Companion Lighting and Energy Modules

Designed in partnership with sister-company Racepoint Energy, Savant Breaker Companion Modules are engineered to deliver both control and energy management functionality of lighting loads as well as other devices throughout the home. Large appliances, outlets, pool pumps and other electrical loads (up to 30 Amps) can be connected to Savant’s modules and are designed to deliver energy consumption data across the whole home, delivering complete, dynamic environmental control of climate, lighting and other electrical loads. During peak usage times or other electrical events, homeowners can easily see power consumption and make real-time adjustments or rely on their Savant system to make adjustments automatically on their behalf.

Promoting Wellness Through Advanced Lighting Solutions

Savant and USAI Lighting have embarked on joint product design and marketing initiatives, providing end-to-end lighting solutions that solve the compatibility issues created by unproven disparate fixture and lighting control technologies. Customers now have a wide selection of residentially focused USAI Lighting fixtures from six unique, popular product families encompassing hundreds of fixture options.  USAI Lighting’s tunable white light and WRGB technologies, combined with Savant’s intelligent automation and intuitive UI will allow lights to not only be set to certain levels and color temperatures based on executed scenes, but also allow for a single room or even the whole home to be put into a default circadian rhythm mode mitigating circadian disruption and promoting wellness. 

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